Faul & Wad

DMC World welcomes and returns Faul & Wad, who we interviewed last around their hitsngle ‘Changes’. Seeing as a few years has gone by, we decided it was high time to catch up with French duo now signed with Ultra Music, around the backstory around new single ‘Oye Como Va’ and everything from lockdown to summer shows.

Welcome to DMC World, Faul & Wad, how are you both?

Hey ! We’re doing well even if the summer season is a bit weird with this COVID situation..

We are used to travel Europe during summer to play at festival, open-air, clubs but as major events are closed or postponed we will enjoy a quiet summer with friends and family!

How have you found being in lockdown? Has it been beneficial or the opposite for you both?

As music producers we were trained and prepared to be in this kind of lockdown situation haha.

No seriously it was very helpful for productivity at the beginning, as we have each one our own music studios at home we could work so much on music production, all our gigs were cancelled or postponed so we had so much free time to work on music. Then the lockdown was a bit long and it started to affect our creativity as we couldn’t go outside and the music inspiration was hard to find at the end of the lockdown.

What we miss the most at the moment is playing music at gigs, travelling and see our fans dancing.

Hopefully we could enjoy this life again soon!

Your new single ‘Oye Como Va’ was released Friday, it’s a revised dance version of Santana’s classic track – how did the song idea come about?

First of all, we were big fans of the Santana version’s of OYE COMO VA (originally written and performed by Tito Puente). As many musicians we are inspired by our own memories, and Oye Como Va was part of our childhood songs that our parents listened so it was normal for us to give a new version of this dancing anthem!

We wanted to keep the same salsa dancing spirit of the song and we replayed all instruments, vocals, everything to create this tech-house version. We are very proud of the result, we always try to bring different music influence in our music, and we wanted to produce a song that people could actually dance.

Oye Como Va is a good mix between salsa and house music.

Faul & Wad - Oye Como Va (Visualizer) [Ultra Music]

As DJ’s and producers, what inspires you?

Mainly we find our inspirations in our life moments, it can be a moment in the past as in our childhood that ends up with us producing Oye Como Va or it can be a living moment in the present. Also meeting new people or other artists is also a great source of inspiration, for artists it is important to share with others and at the end music is about sharing our emotions through melodies with others.

As the world is currently in a transitioning period of some countries opening to shows, are you performing shows anywhere soon?

It is a weird period, we are so sad to see all shows cancelling or postponing… We were very excited to play at those event like Dance Valley in Netherlands with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Nicky Romero, Paul Van Dyk but it is postponed for 2021 like all our major summer shows. We still have a day festival in Langnau in Switzerland by the end of August and another in September in Zurich. We did some live mix on socials like all the artists in order to share a bit of music with people, so maybe we will do other live mix in the summer!

Around advice for a new DJ starting out, what would you let them know?

BELIEVE in what you do, in your music, it is what matters the most. It requires a lot of work also but as this is a passion and a job you don’t count your working times.

But the main thing is about sharing your music, your vision to others, so if you strongly believe in your music, people will listen to you.

Never stop dreaming is a good advice too, it is about timing, meeting the right people at the right moment.

Being from Paris, has your local music scene helped you as an artist?

We started our music career directly into international dance music, so to be honest Paris helped a bit as this is a city where lot of international artists are coming to perform or visit. But with social media, flights and train we are traveling a lot and we are connecting with people all over the world easily.

What else can we expect later this year?

New music again, and we will maybe try a new music style so be sure to follow us to see where we are going with music genre !

We also have big collaborations and remixes coming soon, hopefully it will be by the end of the year but as we said, it is also about timing and at the moment this is not the best for music 🙂

Lastly what are the big 5 tunes you can share with our readers for this weekend…

Ok, we give you 5 different genre of music that represent some musical big moments for us :

Timeless one : Rebel Rebel – David Bowie

Rock : Under The Bridge – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Old skool hip hop: Tha Crossroads – Bone Thugs N Harmony

Chill Music : Baby – Four Tet

Deep house : Ain’t Got No – David Penn, KPD