Born in France and residing in Thailand, Virak is no stranger to the DJ booth with a number of residencies ongoing from 2006 and frequenting many of prestigious clubs in France. His productions have been championed by Junior Jack, the Adesso Music team and beyond. His creative productions combine European house with international inspirations that are a credit to his technique. We caught up with him to discuss his influences, Thailand and 2021…


Hey Virak, thanks for chatting with DMCWORLD today! Your based in Thailand, right? Can you tell us what it’s like there at the moment?

Hi ! Yes I’m living in Thailand in Phuket. All bars, nighclubs and other venues entertainment have been closed since April 2021 because of a new wave in cases of covid.

Why Thailand? What affect has living there had on you musically?

I came to Thailand because I got an opportunity to become resident DJ at Café Del Mar (Phuket) in winter 2017. This is one of the biggest beach clubs in Thailand where I was lucky to share the decks with a lot of famous artists. So, I decided to stay in Thailand. I also took residency in the best underground music club in Phuket which is located inside Illuzion Discotheque (n°18 on Top 100 clubs Dj Mag). So, musically I was very happy to work in these places and play music I love for all international visitors & local people.

You’ve mentioned before that your main inspirations come from French Touch. Is there anyone in particular that you’re listening to and that inspires you? How does that come through in your music?

When I started to become a DJ, my inspirations came from artists such as: Daft Punk, Martin Solveig, Superfunk, Laurent Garnier…

But today my music is more inspired by artists from Afro-House/Melodic-House/Tech-House styles like: Black Coffee, &Me, Marco Carola, Keinemusik, Rampa, Artbat, Chris Lake…

What techniques do you use when your producing? How does your typical day go?

I use Ableton Live with some plugins for produce my music. Normally, when I wake up, I always listen to some music or podcast and then I take some inspiration to start or continue some productions projects. But some days when my head is full, I disconnect and try to do something very different: Sport, Video Games…

Can you talk us through your releases & highlights? What’s going on at the moment?

My last track “Kaolack” with Junior Jack was released in July on Adesso Music. The remixes from the famous Todd Terry were released beginning of August. Some new tracks will release on others labels in September and October.

How do you feel with life around the world slowly going back to normality? Have you been able to DJ to crowds?

I haven’t mixed since April, and I really miss it. In Thailand, they chose to keep people safe and closed entertainment venues. But this pandemic has made me think a lot about my career, my past and plan my future. The positive thing is I’ve had time to find inspiration for producing music.

Have you got any upcoming events you’d like to tell us about?

For the moment I don’t any events planned yet. When the country opens again entertainment venues, I will have some projects.

What do you like to do in your spare time? Have you got any other social / political interests?

During my spare time, as I told you already, I like to play video games because it gives me a time out and allows me to forget sometimes my problems in this slow situation…

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I think in 5 years I will already be back in my home country France to stay close to my family. I hope I will be still a DJ and producer because I’m not ready to stop it.