San Francisco bass house producer Wolvero joins us following the release of his striking collaboration with Bristol-based Mic Man Dread MC, ‘Hit List’. Wolvero’s knack for crafting quality house beats stems from a robust musical experience in his earlier years when he played in a heavy metal band. With a keen production prowess that’s virtually unmatched in the dance music landscape, Wolvero’s talents have seen him billed alongside high-profile DJs like JoyrydeNeroTony RomeraBijouArius, and Wenzday. The seasoned San Francisco-based musician has also not only graced the decks of some of his city’s finest nightclubs like Audio SF, Mezzanine, and Voltage, but has also made consistent appearances with releases on venerated labels such as Play RecordsEnsis RecordsUprise Records, and 3000 Bass. Recently, his ‘Reflections’ EP, released at the tail end of last year, charted Beatport’s Top Releases, impressively reaching the 2nd position for both Bass and Electro House and the 3rd for Future House.

Can you explain your earlier roots in music, and in particular your experience in the realm of heavy metal?

I began my musical journey at a young age when I got my first guitar. I started taking lessons to help me when I joined my high school’s drumline and symphonic band. I established a work ethic that’s stuck with me throughout my life and helped me pursue a career in music while maintaining a full-time job.

Hailing from San Francisco, do you find any creative inspiration in your immediate surroundings?

Definitely – the Bay Area is a very dynamic and diverse place. In my early DJ days, I drew inspiration from Treasure Island located between the two sections of the [Oakland] Bay Bridge. You can get some of the best views of the city from there! After a night out in the city, everyone would meet up there and decompress. The cool thing about the Bay Area is all forms of art are widely appreciated by so many people. The community is truly unique and unlike any other.

What does it feel like to have your newly released Beatport chart-topping ‘Reflections’ EP do so well?

 It was actually very unexpected. I spent months compiling ideas and getting feedback and to see it all come together like that was something really special. 

Wolvero X Dread MC - Hit List

What was the production process like for your latest track ‘Hit List’?

My process for ‘Hit List’ was a little different than usual. The final product is an entirely different song than what it started out as. I went through a few different drop ideas before finally sending it to Dread MC. He then recorded and sent back vocals, which I was thrilled with. The vocals were heavier than the drop was so I remade the drop again to something that would fit the vibe of the vocals. This turned out to compliment the vocals well. 

How was your experience linking and working with Dread MC for this release?

The experience was great overall. He’s a super nice guy and I’d love to work with him again. The turnaround time for the vocals was insanely quick as well, which I was pleasantly surprised by. There was a month-long review and edit process where we worked collaboratively to make sure the track checked off all of our boxes.

What has your experience been like so far working in conjunction with the 3000 Bass team for ‘Hit List’?

Absolutely top-notch. The team over there has given amazing support, feedback, and advice on all areas of the release process. It’s always a pleasure to release with them. 

You’ve performed at some of San Francisco’s biggest nightclubs like Audio SF, Mezzanine, and Amplify SF’s Voltage — what is your favorite venue in the city?

My personal favorite was Audio SF, one of my last events before the pandemic started. The crowd and atmosphere there are unparalleled.

What does it feel like to have opened for dance music legends like JOYRYDE, Nero, and Virtual Riot?

I’d been listening to most of these artists for years so when I really couldn’t believe what I was hearing when I got the call.  All the years spent dedicating to my craft and playing for free paid off. For sets like this, I carefully craft a dynamic setlist that leaves room for the headliner to do their thing. 

You’ve been a pioneer of the bass house sound for a few years now — where do you think the genre is headed in the next 5+ years?

That’s a great question, and I don’t think anyone has a true handle on where it’s going. As House gets more mainstream, I think we’ll see more well-known vocalists collaborate in other sub-genres. This could steer it in a pop culture direction but who knows!