Back To Mine with Vinny Villbass

Photo Dag Knudsen

DMCWorld goes back to mine with Norway’s badabing diskos label boss, Vinny Villbass, as his ace new remix of Boblebad’s ‘Go To Sleep’ single is released.

 Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

The Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

In the wooden house I grew up outside Oslo, we had a piano in the living room, but when I was a teenager I mostly listened to 70s punk and new wave synth, and considered the traditional piano to be an instrument without opposition. That was until Smashing Pumpkins released this double CD in 96. I absolutely LOVED them emotionally being all over the place with this album, and I hypnotically sat down to learn this track on the piano.

Bugge Wesseltoft – Change (Chilluminati)

Change (Chilluminati Remix)

This for me sums up my years studying acoustics in Trondheim.  Bugge Wesseltofts incredible touch on the piano and him always experimenting with the electronic scene in Norway, here gets remixed perfectly by the legendary Illumination duo, Nick Sillitoe and Per Martinsen (Mental Overdrive). This track was originally part of a chill out remix compilation they did under the name Chilluminati, including remixes of names like Depeche Mode and Lamb. I remember Per gave me the promo-CD around 2002 and I heard it to pieces at my dorm. Unfortunately the CD was never released in its original version due to copyright problems.

Tango – Spellbound

The Kruder & Dorfmeister DJ-kicks and K&D Sessions was both extremely influential at the time. Student dorm classics!! I do miss liquid dnb and jungle.. but seems its on its way back now. A universal fact is that trends always comes back, its all about waves and vibrations. This makes all music timeless in a sense.. That fact inspires me.

Andrew Bird – Sisyphus

Andrew Bird - "Sisyphus"

Speaking of timeless, hippie music has always been close to my heart, the mix of traditions with freedom and future hopes. Well, here is a new hippie track. Also my all time favorite whistle track. All whistle tracks becomes hits, that’s another universal fact.

Fred Wesley – House Party

Fred Wesley - House Party (Full Length Version)

This track is so amazingly sneaky and hip! The deep sexy horns just blows up the energy balloons that explode with the funky guitars and perfectly simple lyrics. Nostalgic storytelling at its best. Makes me proud having played trumpet in a marching band in my early youth.

Teena Marie – I Need Your Lovin

"I Need Your Lovin'"- Teena Marie-1980 (HQ HD) Dj Gus (Extended 12" Mix)

I spent some time in New York in 2015, and was lucky to be invited to some of the best disco parties the apple has to offer. The selector at The Loft parties had  his own special night in Brooklyn, and when he dropped this track, my dimples reach new heights. This track just never gives up!! And the sneaky breakdown at the end. Much love to NYC heroes Ron Like Hell and Mex Pask for bringing me to these escapist secret discos. <3

Depeche Mode – Everything Counts

Depeche Mode - Everything Counts (Official Music Video)

No other band has been more influential to my productions than Depeche Mode. My two older brothers learned me all I know about pop and non pop music when I was a kid, and I remember so well when my oldest brother bought a Juno 106 synth in 1984. I was allowed to play (obviously supervised by a 15 year old with very very high hair). Proud moments!!

Fra Lippo Lippi – Shouldn’t Have To Be Like That

Fra Lippo Lippi - Shouldn't Have To be Like That (Music video)

In 1986, a small act from Norway released one of the biggest export hits at the time. The music video filmed in Gustav Vigeland park in Oslo is still some of the finest video material from that time, art!! Somewhere between emo synth, happy love song and dance music, the track is STILL a huge hit in the Philippines. Catchy!

Kraftwerk – Die Roboter

Kraftwerk "the Robots" (German)

My first ever favorite track. I used to love this as a 4 year old, asking my brothers to put on the vinyl for me! No need to point out how influential Kraftwerk has been for dance music.

Captain Comatose – 100

captain comatose $100 hq

If there is one trend in dance music I miss, I must be the 2006/7 electropunkdisco stuff. It kinda harmonized all my previous musical discoveries at the time, punk, synth, rock, techno, disco, dub.. I got to know Khan from Captain Comatose when I moved to Berlin in 2009, and was actually running a label with him called «Im Single» a few years later. He taught me 100 things about club music and performance!

00110100 01010100 – 0000 871 0020

Secretish project of my favorite producer FourTet. Sampling the piano from Patti Smith’s «Because the Night» perfectly, and adding the simplest dubby trip hop drums. Sounds like Dj Shadow at his very best. Thanks a million for this Kieran! The kind of track that gives you both inspiration and belief that new forms of music still can develop.

Boblebad – Dream On / Go To Sleep is out now on badabing diskos