Blakbot ft Carla Prather Distant Tomorrows (The Daz-I-Kue Pure Blakbot Edit) Intown Studio

Bugz In The Attic’s Daz-I-Kue lends his impeccable remix skills to Blakbot’s ‘Distant Tomorrows’ single featuring the charismatic Carla Prather on vocals.  This quirky, exciting title track from their forthcoming 2nd album, ‘Distant Tomorrows’, is choc-full with hypnotising keys and indulgent tripped out guitar solo’s that intertwine with Carla’s distinctive vocals so well, as Daz brings a cosmic Disco vibe to the dance floor, touching down with some big 80’s style power chords and a deep bass groove.

4/5 Ratha Gud