1. The Willers Brothers – Space Age (WRH 01)

This is a new one on the first release from We_R House and a real nice floaty one for the warm up.

2. Yamen & Eda – Program27 (Newfact)

Favourite track of the record and been in the bag since it come out. A real groover.

3. stevn.aint.leavn – Isn’t It (Beste Modus)

Another super Beste release and all 4 tracks are spot on but this is my favourite.

4. Lee Burton – Horizontal Falls (Taverna Tracks)

Lee Burton can’t do much wrong and you can see why. Been working nicely at some peak hours

5. Tijn – Underwater (Bodyparts)

One of our favourite releases from Tijn

6. The Willers Brothers – ‘Shimmy Shimmy’ Okain Talman Remix (What Came First)

New one from us on Egg’s new label and this is a super remix from our good friend Okain

7. Sebo K – Foliage Patterns ( Bass Culture )

Real nice house track from Sebo K, working really well for us on the floor

8. Nick Beringer – Area 22 ( Taverna Tracks)

More class from Nick, this one is dropping soon on TT

9.2 Vilas- Old Shit ( Ewax)

Really nice groovy track from 2Vilas on vinyl only and Ewax has loads of great releases from these guys

10. Alci – Spacefunk ( Robsoul )

Great track works well on the dance floor with a nice bumpy baseline

The Willers Brothers play the Terrace at Spearhead Records at Egg London this Friday May 19th. The Okain Talman Remix of their ’Shimmy Shimmy’ track is out on What Came First on May 26th. All info on www.egglondon.co.uk