Andi Durrant

The Best Of 2012

The Tunes

Rather than trying and be cool and pick out some obscure underground stuff, I’d go for the following 3 tracks for being perfect crossover anthems…they’ve got the important substance, club credentials and credibility, but also made it on to daytime radio and become huge hits in the UK:
Sub Focus ft Alpines – Tidal Wave
DJ Fresh ft Rita Ora – Hot Right Now
Otto Knows – Million Voices
The Festival

Despite this year’s pouring rain, the knee-high mud and the cancelled second day, Creamfields is still one of the best parties on the planet. We also played at the new Mint Festival in Leeds this year, which has the potential to be one of the most exciting new events on the summer clubbing calendar
The Club
BCM in Mallorca

This summer I spent every Sunday for 4 months at the legendary BCM for our Mallorca Live parties. I don’t think there’s another venue in the world that has some of the biggest and most exciting name in electronic music playing every single day of the week. If you spend 4 consecutive nights there (which I did regularly – both as a DJ and clubber) you can easily see Steve Angello, Example, Deadmau5 and Calvin Harris. It might be looking a little bit 90s inside, and the carpet definitely needs replacing, but there’s no attitude or snobbery, it’s cheap to get in and enjoy yourself, and is consistently brilliant. Big up BCM Mallorca!
The Producer
As I play a big cross section of dance music I’m going to have to give a shout to a few people here. If you’re talking about the mainstream side of things you can’t knock Calvin Harris. From working in Marks and Spencers a few years ago, to headlining the world’s biggest festivals, this guy has just gone stratospheric in 2012. If any proof is needed just listen to his album 18 months – hit after hit after hit…and none of them cheesy or sell out. Plus he’s a genuinely decent guy too. In the Drum n Bass scene I’ve been a big fan of Camo & Crooked and the Prototypes. For the electro and big room house sound Dave Silcox, The Squatters, Hardwell and R3hab have all turned out some awesome stuff
The Hero

Elliot Gleave is one of the best music stars we’ve had in the UK for a long time. He’s proved that pop music doesn’t have to be horrendous X Factor ball bag or middle-of-the road vanilla boy bands. He’s hand picked some of the most exciting electronic producers from the dubstep, house and D&B scene and shown you can make million selling radio hits using underground dance music makers. I’ve got to know Elliot pretty well this year and he’s a lovely, driven, passionate, no nonsense guy who tells the truth and doesn’t mince his words – he’s done a lot of good for dance music
The Breakthrough Artist

An incredible MC, lyricist, producer and artist from London. Having featured on tracks by Skrillex, his solo single “Lets Go Back” is definitely in my top 5 of the year and he’s been hosting events all across the Mediterranean and UK. I’m really hoping he breaks the serious big time in 2013
The Prediction For 2013
I’m terrible at these…I prefer to be surprised…