Maya Jane Coles – ‘Easier To Hide’ EP – I Am Me Recordings

The words meteoric and rise seem to fall neatly into place when you mention Maya Jane Coles. And for good reason too. When you listen to the title track from her first EP in twelve months it’s hard not to fall instantly for the breathy, delicate vocals and pertinent choice of words. That, and of course the sublime, atmospheric production which reveals itself in deliciously sensual terms. Following on with the concept, ‘Over’ picks up the pace with plucked guitar lines and excitable beats that sound even more excellent by the minute, accompanied once again by perfect-pitch and heavenly vocals. ‘Run With The Wild’ then adds more of a gentle Techno flavour to the equation, leaving ‘Back To square One’ to end on a haunting, almost melancholy mood which defies the title. Sheer excellence.

5 out of 5

Reviewed by Greg Fenton