ARTBAT are a Ukranian duo that are making huge noise at the moment after releasing on lynchpin labels such as Diynamic Music, Suara, and fryhide. Their tracks are lighting up events and festivals worldwide, and more and more people are being aware of their obvious musical talents. We sat down with them recently to find out how they’re dealing with their rise, how they both met, and their thoughts on their latest ‘Planeta’ Ep on Diynamic…

Tell us when you first met, and why you started working together?

We met in an underground club The Lab here in Kiev in December 2014. Until this time we played a lot in many Ukrainian clubs, but both wanted to make something bigger for the club culture, to share the personal djing experience in electronic music. That was the moment when two music souls found their soulmate. We decided to try out our vision in the studio and we liked the result we got.

Why does it work? What makes you get on so well? Do you ever fall out?

There is no definite explanation of how this works, some musical and party experience together with love and a great desire to create and bring new emotions to the world of music and parties. Make people happy and have fun themselves. Sure, sometimes we fall out. It happens when you’re trying to make something new and interesting, but you don’t like what’s coming and trying more and more to find the right way.

You have contributed to Diynamic compilations before now but this is your first solo EP with them. How does it feel? What does the label mean to you?

We can say that in recent years, our musical taste has been formed to a greater extent on the music from this label. Most of our favorite producers have been published on it. And it is a great honor for us to become a part of this label by releasing our works on it. Without exaggeration, this is our dream from the very beginning, the dream of which we took very carefully and devoted a lot of time and effort to it.

What inspired the new ‘Planeta’ EP on Diynamic? Any particular moment, sound, party?

You can notice that the three tracks in the release are very different in style and mood. It reflects well our love to play and share music at a variety of venues and events, whether it’s a big techno festival, a club or a comfortable private party or afterparty.

Also you will find three of our main musical aspects are presented in the three tracks: 1) rhythm (“Planeta”), 2) groove and vibe (“Prometheus”) 3) transcendent condition («Sand in your shoes»).

Where and when was it written, do you have a mega studio?

All tracks were produced in our small studio. Actually we now working on extending our studio, searching for some analog stuff for it.

Who does what? Do each of you take control of certain aspects of production?

We’re always working together on all tracks, sharing all our vision, making lot of criticisms to find the best way for making the final decision that makes both of us happy.

What do you love and hate about each other?

Glad to say this, really nothing 🙂

What’s next? What will you work on after this interview?

We have interesting gigs in the near future, so now we started to work on some new productions that we want to play and share with people. We love very much to play our new tracks at different gigs, see how people react to them, then to make some editions. Of course now we have lots of happy emotions that we definitely want to bring to the studio. 🙂

What hopes, goals and dreams do you have for 2018?

We want to play and have fun on some big festivals around the world, planning to make new tracks for playing and releasing of course.

Finally, what is the scene in Kiev like? Are lots of young stars coming through? Any you’re particularly excited about?

The club scene in Kiev boasts good places and very kind, cheerful people at events. Among such places, the club in which we often play and are responsible for booking artists – CHI by Decadence House.

In the field of production, the scene is likely on the initial path. There are very good artists, but this is not young blood, but already world-famous names, such as Woo York and Etap Kyle. We hope this situation will change very soon and we will see more young people making good stuff, as the electronic music scene becomes an important part of modern culture and life.

ARTBAT’s ‘Planeta’ EP is out now on Diynamic Music

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