A rewarding collection that refuses to be limited by something as confining as genre, The Infinite Loop celebrates electronic music in all its different forms. It also brings some European unity to proceedings, enjoying the rich variety of music from Croatia, Romania, Italy, Germany and Belgium – while adding the UK and US too. Aimes brings some warmth with his ‘Weird Taak’, Vicky Montefusco offers ‘Border’, a low slung piece of funk, while Mugwump’s ‘Dissolve’ is a quality slower house track in its Beach Mix guise. Deeper climes are explored by Antenna Happy’s ‘Ruby Min’, a really nice bit of warm hearted house, while Squarewave – as the name implies – gives a sharp edge to ‘King Storm’. If you’re after some new sounds and names to discover, The Infinite Loop is well worth exploring.

Ben Hogwood
4 out of 5