Bacavi was introduced to electronic music as a student in South London’s underground club scene. But it wasn’t until post-university days on trips to North America, Scotland and The Lake District that his visceral approach to making music began to take shape. Fusing dance rhythms with sweeping textures and colourful melody, Bacavi’s productions express the natural-world as well as the urban and underground scenes which are so commonly associated with dance music. Now based in the musical melting-pot that is Bristol, the producer is busy writing and lining up plenty more music for the remainder of the year. DMCWORLD introduce you to this exciting new talent as he releases two new tracks on the mighty Icarus’ label Fly Boy Records. Anyone missing that dark club vibe? Here’s your ticket…


Hey Louis, where in the world are you today?

I’m in Bristol, sitting with a cup of tea in my home studio!

Best piece of new music you have heard recently?

Jayda G – All I Need. I love the soul.

Okay before we get into the new tunes, let’s rewind for a moment… What is your first memory of music as a child?

My Dad blasting Fleetwood Mac through the stereo in our kitchen while cooking dinner when I was super young!

How did you stumble onto electronic music in the first place?

I moved to New Cross in South London for University. There, I discovered artists like James Blake (CYMK blew my mind) and was instantly hooked. I started going out to clubs – Fabric, Corsica Studios etc, and haven’t looked back since.

Early industry inspirations?

Prince was a massive inspiration. The way he did it all – from writing to producing, mixing, and engineering, was so impressive. It’s something I, and I’m sure many other producers, aspire to do – have that sense of creative independence.

Was a career in music always the bag for you or was there ever anything else on the horizon?

I used to be a music publicist, so if I wasn’t spending most of my time writing and producing at the moment I’d probably still be looking after other artists’ PR!

Tell us about the new tracks ‘Closer’ and ‘The Bell Jar’…

I made them before the first lockdown and spent all this pandemic ‘down-time’ refining them. Closer is a wistful tribute to hazy nights in clubs, listening to amazing music that we all kind of took for granted at the time. The Bell Jar was inspired by the book of the same name by Sylvia Plath – I tried to capture the book’s tone with synth programming and sound design. It’ll be good to finally play them out!

How did the hook up with fellow Bristol duo Icarus and their label Fly Boy Records happen?

I worked on the PR for their single ‘No Sleep’ in 2018 back when I was working as a music publicist. Shortly after, I bumped into them in Bristol, sent them some tunes, and here we are!

Tell us about the name Bacavi…

It’s a place. I travelled around the United States in 2019 through Colorado, New Mexica, Arizona, and Utah. At the end of the trip, I took the map with a copy of our route and randomly placed my finger down on ‘Bacavi’. It’s a reminder of my love of travel and nature which are as much an inspiration for the project as club culture.

What is coming up next from you studio wise…

I am working on a few more releases with Icarus and I have some remix projects on the horizon too!

Where do you miss going out to in Bristol, where can’t you wait to check out when the shackles are taken off us?

There’s an amazing little club aptly called Cosies just off Portland Square. It’s an intimate, sweaty basement venue with some seriously good electronic music nights. I seriously miss those kind of nights and cannot wait to get back there!

And finally… describe you sound in 3 words…

Moody club jams!



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Images by Ania Shrimpton Photography