Back To Mine with Aleksander Kostopoulos

Aleksander Kostopoulos is an audiovisual artist, drummer and composer from Bodø, Norway, who is celebrated for his drums and percussion as a member of the Sami-pop trio ISÁK. He has also collaborated with prominent Norwegian artists Mari Boine, Adjagas, Moddi and Marthe Valle and established a distinctive style that blends his drumming expertise with electronic music and visual art. His compositions are a fusion of atmospheric soundscapes and falsetto vocals that blend in with the danceable beats that draw on his work composing for contemporary dance performances and theatre productions. As his sophisticated new BaNi EP lands on Beatservice Records, DMCWorld goes Back To Mine with Aleksander Kostopoulos.

Jon Hopkins – Singularity (Album)

I always return back to this album; I feel like every time I do, I notice new sounds and expressions that I haven’t heard before.

Jon Hopkins - Singularity (Official Video)

Bonobo – Migration (Album)

So many beautiful grooves and feels on this album. Also one of those I always return to.

Bonobo - Migration (Full Album)

Sigur Ros – () (Album)

I think this is the album I have listened to the most in my life. It inspired me to search for my own voice in my music.

Sigur Rós - ( ) (Full Album)

Olafur Arnalds – re:member (Album)

When my son was around 1 year old and would wake up very early in the mornings, we would sit at the table and listen to this masterpiece. I remember feeling the first rays of sunlight streaming through our window while the album was still playing.

Big Red Machine (Album)

Love how they combine the acoustic and electronic vibe on this album!

Big Red Machine Performs 'Gratitude'

Max Cooper – One Hundred Billion Sparks (Album)

Science meets tech meets design meets audiovisual magic.. just fantastic!

Max Cooper - Incompleteness - Official Video By Kevin McGloughlin

Boards Of Canada – The Campfire Headphase (Album)

I remember the first time I listened to this. I got it recommended by a friend many years ago and it has stuck with me since then. Masterpiece!

Bo ards of Can a da - The Camp fire Head Phase (Full Album)

Jóhan Jóhansson – Orphée (Album)

Just pure beauty!

Jóhannsson: Flight from the City

The Album Leaf – In A Safe Place (Album)

There’s such an emotional vibe to this album. It takes me back to my youth. This album is one of the reasons I just love music.

The Album Leaf - Thule

Explosions In The Sky – Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place (Album)

I was 16 years old when I was recommended this album by a friend. It was so emotional, grand and cinematic. This album is probably the reason why I later started making cinematic music myself.

Explosions in the Sky - First Breath After Coma

Aleksander Kostopoulos ‘BaNi EP’ will be released on April 19th on Beatservice Records.