Back To Mine With Big Lou

Collaborating and working with several underground stalwarts such as Magenta, Jayline, Ironlung, Exile and more, Bruised Records label head, Big Lou, has won support from the likes of Sigma and Camo & Krooked. He’s already dropping his sounds at seminal venues Ministry of Sound and LDN East. As he joins Vibe Chemistry on his recently launched imprint Make Your Era, with his ‘Thoughts’ EP, DMCWorld goes back to mine with Big Lou.

Netsky – Secret Agent

This song is a big dose of nostalgia for me, one of my first Drum & Bass loves. Netsky is an artist that to this day inspires my style heavily. Each time I listen, I fall in love with the melodies all over again. Listening back now is also really exciting as the style of production is a staple to the time.

Netsky - Secret Agent

Magenta & Marek Pach – Flowers

Windows down in the cabriolet, Summer air, Good vibes. That’s what this song represents… As soon as I hit play – I’m there.

Magenta Ft. Marek Pach - Flowers

Vibe Chemistry – Get Down

Vibe Chemistry repeatedly hits the spot for me as a producer and listener, the name really says it all!  With this song in particular, I feel that the raw passion and love just oozes from the harmonies and creates the perfect vibe no matter what mood!

Vibe Chemistry - Get Down

Stance DNB & Magenta – Jazz Flavour

Stance is a producer I’ve always admired, He takes simplicity and creates the perfect storm. Jazz Flavour is a tune I always have on repeat, I love it when paths collide, DnB and Jazz?.. A first as far as I’m aware!  The sample use, drum structure and synth design is so unique and really is the perfect flavour of Jazz.

Maurizzle – Don’t Know Why

After listening to Maurizzle’s music for quite a few years, I finally met him in person. It totally made sense why his tunes are so vibey- It’s because he is! The whole EP that this track is off is a regular jam for me and an all time favourite.

T95, Dread MC, Pola & Bryson – Hush Hush

This covers all aspects of DnB that I love, BIG basses, BIG melodies, evoking vocals and changes of pace. The productions from T95 continue to grip me, there’s something about them I just can’t do without!

T95 & Dread MC Ft. Pola & Bryson - Hush Hush

Master Error – One Day

Master Error is an emerging entity in the underground scene that continuously baffles me with his unique sound and production techniques. This song in particular grabs my attention every time, It’s so catchy yet so unique. I don’t know anyone else that can make something hit so hard but also have such a vibe. Nobody does it like Master Error!

8 K Motionz – Ride To You

I came across this track at a particular turning point in my own production journey, It enlightened me to a side of Drum & Bass that really interested me, this being ballads that are emotional yet have the perfect filth factor mixed in. K Motionz continues to release music that I am really enjoying that follows this same style that I think is just so exciting!

K Motionz - Ride To You

Magenta – Diamonds

As you can see I am a big Magenta fan… Magenta is a highly skilled, musical force to be reckoned with. Not only does he know how to lay down summer melodies, he also knows how to throw down a bassline that will knock your socks off! ‘Diamonds’ is quite literally a diamond, unbreakable and high quality.

Magenta - Diamonds [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Big Lou – Incurable

Melodies, upon melodies, upon melodies. This song was written during a difficult time, following the passing of my grandfather. It was written with pure love, pure emotion and pure passion. It means a great deal to me and really encapsulates the power of emotion and the journey that we embark on through the loss of a loved one.

Big Lou ‘Thoughts EP’ is out now on Make Your Era.