Back To Mine With BiXX

BiXX is a notable music producer and DJ hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, USA. He made a significant mark in the electronic music scene with tracks like Yes I Can, which found support at major trance stages and showcased his talent for crafting uplifting trance melodies. BiXX’s tracks, released on labels like Nocturnal Knights, Outburst and FSOE, have solidified his reputation as a creator of immersive and emotionally resonant trance music that inspires and energizes listeners worldwide.

His latest single – a collab with Christopher Corrigan, ‘Alignment’, is a pure main room banger of the very highest order. Blending soaring melodies, a pulsating energy and an epic breakdown, ‘Alignment’ captures the spirit of trance’s golden days, albeit with a crisp, modern edge. DMCWorld goes Back To Mine with BiXX.

The Last Samurai – A Way of Life

At the foundation of many of my tracks is emotion. I was and continue to be heavily inspired by Hans Zimmer. The way he can control our emotions with the use of strings and his magical swells. His sounds just pull at our emotions. The soundtrack from The Last Samurai blew me away.

A Way Of Life ~ Hans Zimmer ~ The Last Samurai

Harry Gregson-Williams – The Equalizer

I love the way Harry Gregson-Williams is able to control our emotions with his symphonic swells.  His use of tension to create fear and despair to set up powerful emotions has influenced several of my tracks.

Yanni – Prelude/Love Is All

In the 1990’s I discovered New Age Music, particularly Yanni. He brings a symphony to life with a modern style of energy and elegance. I like to start off my sets with something slow and emotional. In Yanni’s track Prelude, he uses the Duduk to create a spectacular soothing emotional sound.

Yanni - "Prelude-Love Is All"… The “Tribute” Concerts!...1080p Remastered & Restored

Hans Zimmer – Gladiator Elysium – Now We Are Free

This version of Han’s Zimmer’s theme from the Gladiator, had a profound effect on my music style, especially in the breakdowns. Hans Zimmer did a magnificent job going straight to our innermost soul. The power of vocals singing without words or in the right foreign language can be quite impactful.

Hans Zimmer Live Prague Gladiator Elysium Now We Are Free 2017

Enigma – Sadness

Enigma had a big influence in my music style. The power of Gregorian chants and choir sounds added to a track brings ethereal beauty and depth to a track.

Enigma - Sadeness (Full Version)

Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman – Time To Say Goodbye

What is amazing about trance music is that you can bring just about any music genre and vocal style into the breakdown of a track? I have always loved this song with Andrea Bocelli and Sara Brightman. This track is a great example of combing 2 different languages to create beauty.

Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman - Time To Say Goodbye (HD)

Chic – Good Times

One of the most influential tracks during my days loving funk and disco music is Good Times by Chic. The band who exuded style and class. The vocals and harmonies in this track are exceptional.  It is such a happy, rhythmic sound that for me represents being in the moment. A perfect example how music can instantly change your mood.

Chic - Good Times (1978)

The Art of Noise – Legs

The Art of Noise created some very unique sounds. From sexy bedroom music like Moments in Love to their very unique dance track, Legs. This taught me the importance of bringing in unique ideas and sounds into tracks.


Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls

A turning point in my musical tastes was when I was first introduced to Euro Dance at the Limelight in Atlanta, GA and also the Stark Club in Dallas, TX. This new sound helped grow out of the funk and disco like sounds to a more progressive sound. And also improved my focus on percussion and mid bass sounds to create the groove in a track.

West End Girls (Dance Mix) (2018 Remaster)

Section 25 – Looking From A Hilltop

And last but not least, a track that was 20-30 years ahead of its time. Fueling the come down feeling at 4:00 AM or later when you have been dancing and partying hard, but still don’t want to go home. I believe it influenced what we call progressive house music today. This track, Looking From a Hilltop, by Section 25 is timeless. I would literally bring this 12 inch LP to clubs and give it to the DJ to play since many never heard of it. Such an incredible journey of sounds.

Section 25 - Looking From A Hilltop (Megamix)

BiXX, Christopher Corrigan ‘Alignment’ is out now on Reason II Rise Music.