Back To Mine With DAST

Over the years, DAST has taken extraordinary musical paths, working with prestigious labels such as Cocoon, Etruria Beat, Planet X, Anoah, Illegal Alien and Second State Audio. Each production has been enthusiastically received by the international music community, further cementing his reputation as a talented innovator in the contemporary electronic music scene.  As his hot remix of Pan Pot’s ‘Forte’ lands on Second State Audio, DMCWorld goes Back To Mine with DAST.

Nu Genea – Bar Mediterraneo
I deeply admire the Nu Genea for their interpretation of music, Massimo Di Lena and Lucio Aquilina have dusted off the sounds and music of the city of Naples in the 70s and 80s, bringing it back to life, they are simply geniuses.

Nu Genea - Bar Mediterraneo

Digital Justice – It’s All Gone Pear Shaped

This is what I call a real masterpiece. I listened to this track for the first time in a DJ set of Sven Väth, I don’t remember the year. He still accompanies me in my daily moments when I need inspiration and tranquillity.

Digital Justice - Profit (No Till) - It's all gone pearshaped - Robs Records 1994 - Ambient Classic

Philippe Cam – Koln

This track of Philippe Cam, it’s true love. I think it’s really something magical and hypnotic.

Philippe Cam - Koln

Luciano – Artamis

Must admit that Sven Väth influenced my musical training a lot, I met this track of the magical Luciano through a DJ set by Sven. Every time I listen to this track, I remember the young me who once dreamed of being a DJ.

Luciano - Artamis (2003)

Mystic jungle – Get Down On It

This work by Mystic Jungle represents the most varied and expansive. Strains of Italo disco, Balearic boogie and freaky funk are interspersed between passages of Nigerian highlife and exotic lover’s rock, resulting in a personalised journey through a paradise of sound, which is not anchored by the preoccupations of modernity.

Mystic Jungle - Get Down On It

Whodamanny – Dancing Ritual

Another masterpiece from the West Hill Studio in Naples, this time at the hands of Whodamanny who delivers this Italian funk-disco jam track made entirely with electronic instruments. It conveys a strong energy and makes me happy. Whodamanny is truly the best at encapsulating feelings of happiness in his work.

Whodamanny - Dancing Ritual (Dub Version)

Carl Craig – Goodbye World

Carl Craig needs no introduction, this is one of his many masterpieces. This track is always on my daily playlist.

Carl Craig - Goodbye World

Galaxy to Galaxy – Timeline

Galaxy 2 Galaxy is an electronic music and live jazz collective made up of members of Underground Resistance. Timeline is a bundle of energy and, above all, a desire for spring.

Queniv – Old Friend

I am really fascinated by the way Queniv has managed to combine electronic sounds with tribal rhythms and jazz sounds, really good work and above all inspiring.

Old Friend - Queniv | De Lichting [2018]

Raffaele Attanasio – Der himmel über berlin

What about Raffaele Attanasio? I could talk for hours about his skill and his way of being a true young professional of modern music. This track is on my personal top 10 list of all time.

Raffaele Attanasio - Der Himmel über Berlin (Original Mix)

Pan Pot ‘Forte’ Remixes Pt.01 (incl. DAST, Giorgia Angiuli and Lumi Remixes) is released on April 12th 2024 on Second State Audio.