Back to Mine with Capeesh Society

With early praise from the likes of Raresh, Petre Inspirescu and Barac, Hungarian DJ/producer Viktor Udvari AKA Capeesh Society has built up an international following via releases and remixes on Ben Rau’s META, Knee Deep In Sound and Hungarian Hot Wax, moving his sound into the chunkier end of house and electronic dance over the years. As his new ‘Path Of The Loners EP’ lands on Richy Ahmed’s Four Thirty Two imprint, DMCWorld goes back to mine with Capeesh Society.

Felix Houzer – Mandolina (Robert Babicz Rework)

Mandolina (Robert Babicz Rework)

For me pads always give the feeling so that the music flows in a certain way. In this track the harmonic synths with the pads are giving just the right amount of the melancholic taste. Release date: 2006 – way ahead of its time.

Home Video – That You Might (Sasha Invol2ver Remix)

Home Video - That You Might (Sasha Invol2ver Remix)

When it was released I didn’t have a clue about what to “do” with Sasha’s new artist album, especially this track, but as I got older, like old wines, the real message and feelings of this music has just started to take shape in my head.

Mathew Jonson – Sahara

Sahara (Original Mix)

The very first track minimalistic techno track I got in to. Pulsating 808 kicks with essential cheeky disharmonic basslines beyond misterious harmonies on the top, nothing more needed.

Swayzak – Smile And Receive

Swayzak - Smile and Receive


This one’s vocals and lyrics represent the mess in my head. The synestesia of sentences and musical elements are amazing, it’s like a picture always changing in your metaphysical environment.

Minilogue – The Island Of If

Minilogue - The Island Of If (Original Mix) [COCOON RECORDINGS]

To be honest, I have never liked psychedelic music, but this one makes the ultimate doorstep of this beautiful and emotional world of “advanced” hippie music. Stripped off grooves with harmonies driving through the whole track.

Beroshima – Horizon (Funk D’void Remix)

Horizon (Funk D'void Remix)

First time I heard this was long ago, but the melodies were stuck in my head forever and ever. Reminds me of today’s Jansons sound but it’s older and full of harmonies.

Loco Dice – El Gallo Negro

Loco Dice - El Gallo Negro

Gosh, how much I love this one. Back in the day, I did not really understand what was going on in Germany, where the new generation’s minimal revolution had started. Now I understand, this sound was the flagship of industry standard of the German minimal sound.

Jamie Anderson – Time Is Now (Radio Slave Panorama Garage Remix)

Time Is Now (Radio Slave Panorama Garage Remix)


I was lucky to play after Radio Slave in 2019 at Paris and I really dare to say that I regret why he did not follow this way of sound. These tracks made him famous in my perception, not by accident of course!

Guy J – Easy As Can Be

Guy J - Easy As Can Be

Honestly I don’t do drugs any more but to this one I would really smoke a blunt definitely again. To describe this track: the chords of heaven are already played out, just listen carefully. 2010 was a strong year for progressive-house music.

Jesse Somfay – Small Pebbled Forest

Jesse Somfay - Small Pebbled Forest (2005 Edit)


As I listen to this track I really feel like I’m walking in a dark forest, feeling fool and dizzy, searching my soul chasing eternal shadows of myself. Released in 2005 on Archipel, says everything.

Capeesh Society ‘Path Of The Loners EP’ is out now on Four Thirty Two.