Back To Mine With Dam Vera

For the last 20 years, Mexico City’s Dam Vera has been driving his native scene forward as a DJ and co-founder Galaxie Nites parties. He has held residencies in some of the most emblematic clubs in town and is a part of the cult local weekly gathering Sunday Sunday. His sound explores aspects of House, Italo disco and 2000s Electroclash, and after previously releasing edits, he now makes his full production debut, ‘Quina’ on Permanent Vacation. DMCWorld goes Back To Mine With Dam Vera. 

Junior Boys – Last Exit – 2004

My friend Chuck Pee has always been a music geek, he showed me this band back in 2004 and I’ve loved them from day one. They have released more albums that are very good, but the first one will always be special to me.

Kornel Kovacs – Stockholm Marathon

Kornel is one of my favourite DJs and producers. I listened to this album a lot during the pandemic and still use it constantly on Sunday mornings and road-trips.

Kornél Kovács - Purple Skies (Studio Barnhus)

Lindstrom & Prinss Thomas – Lindstrom & Prins Thomas

When I first heard about Lindstrom & Prins Thomas, I was shocked by these fresh sounds coming from the Nordics. Since this first album I have followed their music up to today and they have always been a huge inspiration.

Postal Service – Give Up

With vocals from Ben Gibbard and music from Dntel (Jimmy Tamborello), this album has been playing on repeat in my headphones for over 20 years. I recently had the chance to finally hear the album performed live in LA.

The District Sleeps Alone Tonight (Remastered)

Ada – Blondie

I started listening to Kompakt Records after getting obsesed with Michael Mayer’s Imemr albums. Ada released this amazing album on that label and is some of the finest music with lovely vocals from Ada herself.

Ada - Blondie (Full Album)

Beastie Boys – The In Sound From Way Out

Growing up watching MTV, I was a Beastie Boys fan since watching the Sabotage video. Later I found this amazing album that is an instrumental masterpiece performed by these hip hop legends from Brooklyn.

Beastie Boys - 1 Groove Holmes

Bent – Programmed To Love

This album takes me back to a trip I did with my best friends of that time to Morroco in the early 2000s. It was the soundtrack of a perfect, colourful day by the sea.

De Phazz – Death By Chocolate

I found out about De Phazz from a friend while living in Munich. Its a German nu-jazz band that I even got the chance to see performing live back in the day. I still have my copy of this vinyl signed by the band.

Pastilina Mosh – Juan Manuel

From Monterrey, Mexico, Plastilina Mosh are one of the bands that I used to listen when I was a teenager. This album is quite special as they went more instrumental and different to their debut album, but many of us consider it their best album.

Plastilina Mosh-Juan Manuel

Groove Armada – Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub)

Groove Armada are huge influence for me. All their albums, their compilations and even mixtapes are favourites of mine. This album has the song “My friend” that will always remind me of my dear friend Manu Horta.

Dam Vera ‘Quina’ is released on February 9th 2024 on Permanent Vacation.