Back To Mine With Ardalan

Tehran-born Ardalan grew up between his homeland and California and mixes up the musical heritage of both in his work, from jazz to rap to rock, as well as drawing on a love of cinema and video game soundtracks. His work for the Dirtybird label helped to put his sound on the world stage, and he has also dropped music on Play It Down, Toy Tonics and Yoshitoshi while DJing around the world. Now, he joins forces with Walker & Royce’s Rules Don’t Apply label, an imprint that has been making waves since its launch back in 2021. As his new single ‘Inspector Jack’ drops on Rules Don’t Apply, DMCWorld goes Back To Mine with Ardalan.

James Mason – I Wan’t Your Love

A timeless track that; to me sounds like pure butter. I stumbled upon this tune a few years ago and it just brings the heat in every cosy home or sound-system.

James Mason - I want Your Love

Herb Albert – The Rise

A classic song that we can all appreciate as it symbolises the 70s in a very silky way. You can hear “Rise” sampled in Biggie’s “Hypnotize” with that sexy smooth bass-line.

Herb Alpert - Rise (1979)

Radiohead – Sail To The Moon

Growing up in Iran, I was easily influenced by Radiohead when my brother was listening to them in his room and this one always stuck with me as a teenager.

Social Lovers – Feel My Love

This song is just pure love. It has a special place in my heart and brings me memories of a special someone; an absolute home listening banger.

TBE709 - Social Lovers - Feel My Love (Tugboat Editions)

The Other People Places – It’s Your Love

Detroit electro from James Stinson who was part of the legendary group Drexciya. This record is truly a masterpiece and music in its finest form.

Faramarz Aslani – Shab

This song takes me back to Iran. A song from the past. “Shab” means night and this song feels magical with Farmarz Aslani’s soothing voice and words.

Faramarz Aslani - Shab | فرامرز اصلانی ـ شب

Maurizio – M05a (Edit)

I always considered dub techno to be the pinnacle of electronic music. When it comes to it, Maurizio is a master. Hypnotizing. This whole album is like a Michelin star meal for the ears.

Miles Davis – Blue in Green

A classic song with tthe legendary John Coltrane on the Sax and Bill Evans on the keys . This song at home when it’s raining is very magical.

Miles Davis - Blue In Green (Official Audio)

Boards of Canada – Sixtyniner

One of my favorite songs from when I was in junior high school l. I would listen to it endlessly while doing homework and downloading computer virus’s on Limewire.

It is very nostalgic and takes me back to a time when the internet and social media did not dictate life.

boards of canada - sixtyniner

Polygon Window – Portreath Harbour

IDM definitely shaped a lot of my home listening music and this song takes me back to those more simple times.This is one of my favorite Richard D James songs.

Polygon Window - Portreath Harbour

Ardalan ‘Inspector Jack’ is out February 16th on Rules Don’t Apply Records, and his new collab with Farsight, ‘CDMUSIC010’, drop son March 15th on Club Designs.