Back To Mine With IDRISS D

IDRISS D grew up surrounded by music, with his grandfather and uncles being talented musicians in Algeria. His love for Funk, Disco, and Black Music grew from a radio show he listened to every evening and the influence of his DJ friend Nadir. In the 90s, he discovered the club scene in Alger and was asked to play by DJ Chafik after a set. Since then, he’s held down several long-standing residencies at some of the world’s most respected venues, built his label platform, Memento Records, and has solidified his name as a respected international artist manager through his dbArtistsagency.

His latest release marks the 50th on Memento Records, a label that has welcomed many incredible talents over the years. After the success of his ‘LUNATIC’ EP in 2020, IDRISS is back with the sequel, ‘LUNATIC 2’, alongside a remix from Gilb’R.  DMCWorld goes back to mine with IDRISS D.

“I compiled this list of tracks to include some of old tracks I remember and some newer, from Algeria. I am sure many of these tracks will have never been heard by many DMC readers, so I wanted to introduce everyone to the Algerian scene.”

Khaled – Detni Essakra

You could say that Khaled is the king of the Rai Music. Rai is the most famous Algerian music, and the most popular. This song is really sad, as it talks about drinking to forget the pain of love. The instruments used include the accordion, piano and violin – it’s a masterpiece.

Hamid Baroudi – Caravan To Baghdad

This track opened my eyes into the electro pop world. It was the first artist producing an electronic base for an Algerian song and the video clip was just wow!

Hamid Baroudi - Caravan to Baghdad "Version 100% Originale"حميد بارودي

Rachid Taha – Ya Rayah

Rachid Taha – rest in peace. An important voice for the Algerian panorama between Chaabi style and Rai. This song talks about Algerians who live in other countries but will one day come back to their hometown. Its nostalgic and I listen to it when I miss where I grew up.

Rachid Taha - Ya Rayah

Cheb Hasni – Baïda Mon Amour

Cheb Hasni was the prince of Rai Music, who was sadly killed by a terrorist attack. His love songs will be eternal, as this one is.

Cheb Hasni - Baïda mon amour

Cheb Shraoui & Chassa Fadela – N’sel fik

This was a the first famous duo in Algerian music, a woman and a man. I love the song but not sad at all. It’s the topic – all about a couple who is so in love and both their souls are connected and feel the pain of the other.

Cheb Sahraoui, Chaba Fadela - N'sel fik

Sting & Cheb Mami – Desert Rose

Of course, many of your readers will know Sting, this was a special collaboration song which has an oriental base and a modern vibe. The voices on this are just magical, deep and meaningful.


Cheikha Rimitti – nta goudami

The Queen of Rai, is Cheikha Rimitti has had a career of over 50 years in music. Her songs were hits in the cabarets and are always played at weddings.


Bouchaala Zineddine – Ya Mohammed aalik en selli’

This is a great singer, who I also know personally elaborated the music from my city of Constantine called Malouf and made it famous around the world. This is a one of a kind track and a great intro to his live concerts.

Aissawa constantinois - Bouchaala Zineddine - Ya Mohammed aalik en selli

Hadj El Anka – El Khezna Lekbira

El Anka invented the chaabi music, the popular art coming from Algiers.

Warda – Haramt Ahebak

Also called ‘warda el djziaria’ -with her big voice, she was a singer who used classic music with a proper 40 elements orchestra. She bought this to her concerts worldwide which made the performances so special. Her influences were a mix between Algerian and Egyptian. The song is about a couple, their jealousy and eventually breaking up.

Haramt Ahebak - Warda حرمت أحبك - وردة

IDRISS D ‘LUNATIC 2’ is out October 27th on Memento Records.