Trainspotting with ona:v

ona:v is a Polish-born DJ, producer and promoter with an ear for groovy dark techno and emotive electro she’s a scientist by day and a DJ by night. The Edinburgh-based artist is an integral figure in her locale, both as a standalone name and through her EPiKA event series and platform. Production-wise, she has released tracks on multiple UK compilations and 2022 saw the release of her debut EP, ‘Response to the Techno Crisis’, on Diffuse Reality. ona:v is set to play at Terminal V Presents Halloween Trilogy in Edinburgh this weekend, with three momentous events planned across two stages, over thirty artists, over 5,000 people each day and epic new stage designs. DMCWorld goes Trainspotting with ona:v.

Darksider (Arg) – Systematic State  – Primitive State Records
I think Darksider is one of the most talented and versatile producers of our time. I absolutely love pretty much all her productions, and can’t wait for her European tour to happen one day!

Isabel Soto – Oceano – JFNS

Isabel is an incredible producer. This track, as well as many other of her productions, very much fit my style of more hypnotic and textural approach to building tension in DJ sets.

Isabel Soto - Oceano [JFNS005]

Urgula – Emission Zone – Bricolage

This track, coming from Urgula’s album Caustic Manifesto, is a real dancefloor killer. The whole album is fantastic, and a testament to a really strong techno scene in Scotland – Urgula is Glasgow-based.

Essentia – HEX – ARTS

Yet another Scottish producer, Edinburgh-based Essentia debuted on ARTS with this beautifully produced EP. Again, very much up my street, with lots of textures and subtly-built tension. HEX is one of four tracks, and all four are great.

b.mod – Groover – Drawner Records

One more Glasgow-based producer I am a big fan of! Many of his productions, including Groover, fit the type of sound I am after as a DJ, with intricate sample/synth patterns.

Denise Rabe – 1394 (TWR72 Remix) – Arkham Audio Records

Absolutely love this recent track from Dense Rabe remixed by TWR72. You can really hear the touch of both of them in the track – the loopiness from TWR72 and the darkness from Denise! Again, a very texture-rich track, which is what I like!

Denise Rabe - 1394 (TWR72 Remix) [ARKIO16]

ona:v – RttTC Four – Diffuse Reality Records

I made the whole Response to the Techno Crisis (RttTC) EP in rural Scotland, and am very attached to each of the tracks. Some producers are prolific – not me! And perhaps because of that every track has a story behind it. This is a late night track, needs a dark club and good dancers!

ona:v - RttTC Four [DRSS558]

ANNĒ – Trinity – Life in Patterns

This track from ANNĒ’s album is just beautiful. I also love how she moved with this album towards more dubby, reflective techno. It’s still very much dancefloor-oriented, but also somehow emotional.

ANNĒ - Trinity [LIP007]


TESST is my recent discovery. An incredible producer with practically no social media presence, silently releasing dancefloor weapons. This track perfectly encapsulates her style and also matches what I would play in a set.

DT:Premiere | TESST - Astral [MSDMNR]

Undivulged – Provoque – Undivulged

I have played the track multiple times since I bought it – makes me nostalgic somehow, and has a lot of groove hidden in that warm bass. I also like the idea behind the Undivulged label – it’s a group of Dutch producers releasing anonymously under a single moniker. Many incredible tracks have come from this label (and I own them all!).

Terminl V Presents Halloween Trilogy takes place on Friday 27th – Sunday 29th October 2023 at The Royal Highland Centre, Edinburgh – for more info: