Back To Mine With J1Mi

J1mi aka James Hadfield has been making all manner of sounds for years – both solo and as one half of Lizards – from house to disco, Balearic to techno, and always on revered labels like MeMeMe, Not An Animal, Leng, Futureboogie and Phonica. He is part of the Beyonders collective that was started by Jason and Mark Goodings of 90’s pioneering breaks and drum and bass duo Hidden Agenda.  As he launches the new Beyonders label with his new Desire EP, DMCWorld goes back to mine with J1Mi

Matt Kenny – Second Wind

An absolute favourite of mine lately, third section synth layer does it for me every time.

Hardway Bros – Here’s To The Wild (Hardway Bros Meet Monkton Under Blue Moon)

A recently important figure with support, Sean is ace and this Hardway track is wicked!

PREMIERE: Hardway Bros - Here's To The Wild (Hardway Bros Meet Monkton Under Blue Moon)

Latrec – Kutika

Dancefloor destroyer! Every time!


Hidden Agenda – 12 Seconds [1997]

A music house dubplate of this was gifted to me from brother Jason Goodings that I cherish dearly (Nøs Beyonders). Expect a burst of his music on both the label and in other formats very soon!

Hidden Agenda - 12 Seconds [1997]

Fred Pallem – L’Amour du disque (Dombrance Remix)

Ace! C’est fantastique!

L'amour du disque (Dombrance Remix)

Supersempfft – Out of time (Stevie Kotey Rework)

Stevie and I have been back n’ forth a lot recently with a few things coming to life in the not-so- distant future. Love his rework of Supersempfft…

Supersempfft - Out Of Time (Stevie Kotey Rework)

Statues – Lost Star

One of Statues is a close friend of ours, so we had to add a track in here. Absolutely love this Bradley.

Statues - Lost Star

Bernado Pinheiro – Virabreqium (Disco Mix)

Recently heard Barbara Boeing play this at a festival and it stole the show for me.

Bernardo Pinheiro & The Amazon Orchestra - Virabrequim (Disco mix)

Man Power – Pick A Number Choose A Colour

A close friend and huge support from behind the closed doors of my projects. This one is one of my favs. What a tune!

Pick A Number Choose A Colour

Bonn – Phero

Played this a lot over the summer, really enjoy the acidic elasticity between the kicks and the subtle occurrences that build above.

J1Mi (Beyonders) Desire EP is out now on Beyonders Music.