Back To Mine With Jasper Tygner

The brilliant Jasper Tygner finally drops his ‘Real Time’ EP in full, after teasing us with two singles over recent months. The EP features two new cuts, including ‘Strangers Around’ feat Just Lil, out on LG105. The release follows his sold out debut live show in November (more to come this year..) and sets at Field Day and the recent Zamna Tulum alongside Channel Tres and Maceo Plex. One of DMY’s ‘artists to watch 2023’ and Amazon Music’s ‘Ones To Watch 2022’, multi-instrumentalist Londoner Tygner uses keys/piano/analog Moogs, drawing upon UK Garage, Jungle, Gorillaz, jazz, dubstep and film/TV influences for his own rich sound, honed since the age of 9 playing in jazz bands and orchestras. DMCWorld goes back to mine with Jasper Tygner.

Kllo – Still Here
Kllo is one of my favourites. This track is just the perfect chill out. Piano chords melding into a break beat with a catchy reverbed vocal line. Big fan.

Altrice – Eyes
I recently discovered this one, somewhere in between Kaytranada and UKG, a real find. Love the pitched and sped up vocal, the guitar reminds me of some old MJ Cole. This sits perfectly between the club and headphone music, perfect for an afters.

Knox-Om-Pax – Missing Something
This is often a running track of mine, feel like it perfectly suits mindlessly wandering the streets.

Konx-om-Pax - Missing Something

Ross From Friends – Revellers
Ross is by FAR one of my favourite artists ever. This is a personal favourite of mine. Melody is top notch, drums are light but still punchy and the background effects and counter melodies just make this one.

Ross From Friends - 'Revellers'

Altrice – BDA Creature
Ok so this is the second Altrice track I’ve picked, But this is just immense. It has some Burial qualities to it. But it’s super simple and just hits the spot.

SWIM – First Day Of The Year
I’m a big fan of SWIM, this track is special. A really original club track that I never get tired of.

SWIM - First Day of the Year

Waleed – Suenos
Perfect headphone music for late at night city walks.

Waleed - 'Sueños' (Official Video)

Dijon – Talk Down
So Dijon is ridiculously good. The whole album is one of my favourites, also produced with Mk.gee another insanely talented artist.

Kettama – Body
Big dance floor hitter, this is super punchy and is one to get people moving! Never disappoints.

Client 03 – 1nce again
I love how syncopated and rhythmic this track is, the bass weaves its way in-between percussion, hats and kicks.


Jasper Tygner  ‘Real Time’ EP is out now on LG105.