Back To Mine with Naz

Naz is an up and coming Iranian/Australian Electronic Music Producer and international touring DJ. With releases on Anjunabeats and a passion for the underground scene, her production style is driven by mood and emotion, often resulting in different and eclectic sounds. In just under a year, Naz played at several high profile events and venues across the US, UK, Europe and Australia, such as Creamfields, Brooklyn Mirage, The Gorge, Piknic Electronik, Drumsheds, plus selling out her first headliner show in Sydney, Australia at the end of 2022. As her new remix of Farius & Tea Petrovic – Chemical Affair drops, DMCWorld goes back to mine with Naz.

Hermanos Gutierrez – Cerca De Ti

I love this beauty so much. It always puts my mind at ease and relaxes me. The guitar chords are so beautiful and just everything about it is *chefs kiss*. My only wish is that it would be much longer than it is! I just put repeat on and listen to it on an endless loop, haha.

Mutemath – Plan B

I’m a massive fan of Mutemath. Their music feels like a warm hug and home to me and it takes me back to a particular point in my life where I was in my early 20’s – I had no idea what I was doing with my life or what I wanted to do. I would drive around Melbourne for hours just listening to Mutemath with the windows down thinking, what am I going to be when I grow up?

MUTEMATH | Plan B | EP Version

Lapalux – Flower

I would just add the entire Nostalchic album to this list if I could to be honest. This is one of my all time favourite albums. So beautifully done, hitting every different type of emotion and mood. Like a sexy nostalgic breezy evening laying out on a rooftop staring at the stars with the person you have a crush on, haha. That’s the best way I can describe it. And I may have done just that whilst listening to this album on many an occasion.

Eagles For Hands – Glitterall

Another one of those ‘sexy nostalgia’ feel good songs. Just like it’s name… it’s sparkly, and emotive. I think I listened to this for the entire 14hour plane ride from Sydney to Dubai back in 2014.

Pink Floyd – Learning To Fly

Another all time favourite. I grew up listening to Pink Floyd thanks to my Dad. We really bonded through music and our father daughter rituals would often consist of either going for long drives listening to music or chilling in the backyard blasting Pink Floyd for hours. After his passing, I maintain those memories by listening to the songs we used to laugh, dance and sing to. And this is one of those!

Pink Floyd - Learning To Fly (Official Music Video HD)

Dire Straits – Sultans Of Swing

Ok whilst we are on the topic of favourite songs thanks to my Dad… this is way up there. I was like, 5 or 6 years old and I made a fake guitar out of long tissue paper rolls and lots of sticky tape and wool… and when it gets to that gorgeous guitar riff solo part near the end, I would basically pretend that I was performing this live like I was part of the band, dropping to my knees and everything, a FULL performance. This one gets played at least a couple of times a day even now (though I have long since dropped the paper roll and wool guitar).

Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing (Official Music Video)

Smashing Pumpkins – 1979

Does it get any better than this? I think when this came out we had moved to Australia probably about a year or two beforehand. Snd this song just reminds me of those early days of being in a completely foreign and strange land with my Mum and Dad, enrolling in school, learning English and having no clue where I was or why my parents made us leave our family behind. You know how with some songs, you can literally smell the memories? I can very distinctly smell the eucalyptus tree when I listen to this song. Strange I know, haha.

The Smashing Pumpkins - 1979 (Official Music Video)

Roy Davis Jr – Gabriel (Garage Mix)

An absolute beauty this one. One of those ‘made for every occasion and mood’ songs. Will probably continue to listen to this at least once a day for the rest of my life.

Roy Davis Jr ft Peven Everett - Gabriel (Live Garage Version)

Gerling – Dust Me Selecta

I’ve gone down a rabbit hole now with these. I have a playlist that’s my most listened to stuff and these are all literally from that. I love this song so much. Reminds me of being young and carefree and reckless.

Gerling - Dust Me Selecta (Official Music Video)

Underworld – Underneath The Radar

Ok it’s been reaaaally hard choosing just ten, but I feel like I should finish on this one for a few reasons. Underworld are a massive inspiration for me. I love absolutely everything that they do and always have. This particular track I have a lot of memories with thanks to my Dad, and I’m actually doing a little edit of it atm to use in my DJ sets because it’s just such a damn good song! If there’s one track that’s guaranteed to make you at the very LEAST tap your toes, it’s this.

Underworld - Underneath the Radar


Farius & Tea Petrovic – Chemical Affair (Naz Remix) is out now. 

Farius & Tea Petrovic - Chemical Affair (Naz Remix)