Back to Mine With Passarella Death Squad

Danny Passarella and Emilie Albisser, aka Passarella Death Squad, have been at the forefront of the electronic underground for more than 15 years. As they reveal their long-awaited sophomore album, ‘What We Are, You Shall Be’, which features ten tracks of austere, beautifully-crafted electronica, DMCWorld goes back to mine with Passarella Death Squad

Miles Davis – He Loved Him Madly

Miles Davis’s tribute to Duke Ellington, a masterpiece.

He Loved Him Madly

Grouper – Alien Observer

There’s no one quite like Liz Harris, one of ‘Kranky’ record labels very best. So many great artists on that amazing label, ‘Stars Of The Lid’, ‘Tim Hecker’, ‘Ana Roxanne’ the list goes on.

Grouper "Alien observer"

The Unknown DJ – 808 Beats

Released in 1984 this still sounds amazing today, written by Andre Manuel and produced by Darryl Davis. Alongside many other of the LA electro classics Darryl also created the artwork for the sleeve.  He also drew the Passarella Records ident. It took me a while to track him down.

The Unknown D.J. - "808 Beats (Club Mix)"

iO – Claire

Dr Octagon, Dj Shadow, the Major Force re-issues, Andrea Parker’s ‘Kiss My Arp’ , the ‘Headz’ compilation and the Excursions into techno and hip hop box sets. In the Nineties Mo Wax released some really amazing music with some fantastic artwork. This track is from the techno selection of Excursions.

iO - Claire (1995)

Link & E621 – Antacid

Also releasing under the name of ‘Jedi Knights’ and more famously as ‘Global Communication’, ‘Link & E621’ is another alias for Tom Middleton & Mark Pritchard. Supremely talented people.

Link & E621 - Antacid

Frank Ocean ft Earl Sweatshirt – Super Rich Kids

For reasons I’m not entirely sure I was late to all things Frank Ocean. I absolutely love this, both musically and lyrically.

The Human League – The Things That Dream Are Made Of (Dub)

Martin Rushent’s apex. An ascension to musical heaven. It was either this or the 12” of Witness The Change (Dub).

The Human League - The Things That Dreams Are Made Of (Original Dub Edit) (1982)

Fun Fun – Happy Station

The 1983 Italo-Disco classic. This alongside Company B’s ‘Fascinated’ are two of my favourite records.

Happy Station (Original 12'')

Pet Shop Boys – It’s Alright

Regardless of how fucking shit everything actually is, play this and everything is going to be alright.

It's Alright (2018 Remaster)

Spacemen 3 – Hypnotized

I could pretty much put any Spacemen 3 track in this list, but ‘Hypnotized’ just slightly has the edge for me.

Spacemen 3 Hypnotized Full Version


Passarella Death Squad ‘What We Are, You Shall Be’ Album is out now on Passarella Records.