Back To Mine with Rose Ringed

Amsterdam DJ/multi-instrumentalist Rose Ringed strikes new notes with his ‘For Us’ EP. The Dutch producer enlists both analogue and digital sounds, multiple synths and choral vocal notes, and diverse genres – melodic techno, house, euphoria, synthpop – in his quest to bring joy to blissed-out clubbers and listeners. Recent releases have explored major questions of spirituality and truth. ‘For Us’ tells a more romantic love story, still high energy and uplifting, but with a darker edge.

‘I gravitate between an external perspective of concepts that fascinate me, and an internal perspective mostly about deep inner emotions,’ says Rose Ringed. Here, he plays creatively with breakdowns too: long solo, or a sudden silence, or a breakdown building into another…

No wonder his music industry support and his streaming figures are equally stratospheric. He joins us for the ‘Back to Mine’ series…

Jack J – Only You Know Why

My most recent favorite, it has such a nice vibe, and beautiful warm vocal. I imagine myself cycling through a warm vibrant Hawaii on this one.

Tigerskin – This Place Is Empty Without You

For those times you come home and just want to experience that afterglow, this is the perfect track for that moment. It’s hauntingly beautiful.

Tigerskin | This Place is Empty Without You | Dirt Crew Recordings

Rose Ringed – In Your Arms Again

My first release, I wrote this song for my mother and send it out to Kolsch for BBC Radio 1, it meant a lot to me. It’s 119BPM but carries you on with a grooving bassline. At first the track was missing something, then one day I had a lot of red wine, and I opened the track, played in the melody in the break on some Rhodes in one go and I realized the completed track.

Rose Ringed - In Your Arms Again

Sonny – Desert Days

Such a beautiful slow track, the lyrics are stunning and make me think about those days when you were lost and looking for brighter times.

Sonny - Desert Days

Beautiful Life – Gui Boratto.

My ultimate feel good song, If I would love the party at home to continue I would start with this. Man, I have just no words for this track, it makes me feel so insanely happy.

Gui Boratto - Beautiful Life

Sault – Free

This song, listen to the Acapella at the end, it’s just so beautiful. I’ve made an edit of this track which I play sometimes too.

Todd Terje – Snooze 4 Love

Coming home tired after a rave? No one to cuddle? Put this track on and you will get all the warmth you need.

Todd Terje - Snooze 4 Love - Running Back RBCR-78

Rose Ringed – Once Upon A Time

I made this after a 2 week trip to Peru, the whole country is so beautiful, rich in history and felt so melancholic. In the break of the track you can hear children laughing and playing, these are from field recordings I made in Cusco.

Alvedon – Retire (final)

Nothing has ever made me feel so melancholic as this track, it just makes you feel time stands still and this track will be playing on forever on some abandoned place.

alvedon - retire (final)

Rose Ringed – Fight For Love

My most recent work, it’s a 9-minute-long journey that is based around a very deep chord progression. The whole track just soothes my mind, it’s one of the most personal and deep tracks I’ve released so far.

Rose Ringed - Fight For Love

Rose Ringed ‘For Us’ is out on his Closed Eyes Recordings imprint.