Back To Mine with Riigs & Skenna

Launched in 2022, Londam was created by Jeffrey Raat (Skenna) and Mark Allin (Riigs). Passionate about emotional electronic music for the dancefloor and the soul, Londam releases music that will inspire and excite. Their first release landed earlier this year, Skenna & Riigs Underpass EP, the title track from which now gets a remix from Phil Anker.

Riigs has been making electronic music for over 20 years, and creates music for dancing and living. He works with a string of talented collaborators and has recent Beatport top 10 releases on Manual Music, Inward Records and Krafted. Skenna is based in Amsterdam and makes deep, emotional electronic music, with previous releases landing on labels like Manual Music and Another Life. DMCWorld goes back to mine with Riigs & Skenna.

Nthng – Some Clouds Are Destined To Break

A tune to listen to when the sun is rising after a long night and to reflect on life. We love deep and emotional pad sounds and Nthng nailed it in this one.

some clouds are destined to break

Orbital – Belfast (Anna Ambient remix)

Anything from the Orbital 30 Something album to be honest. This remix shows that you can make something remarkable even with a classic everyone knows.  And we love ambient at Londam.

Orbital - Belfast (ANNA Ambient Remix) Visualiser

Riohv – Planet Namek

This is just all vibes! No words for this one you just have to take your time and listen to it and dream away

Riohv - A1. Planet Namek [LNB005]

System 7 – A Cool Dry Place.

Another timeless record.  Maybe System 7 are underrated but we are very influenced by their musicality and groove. We especially love this hypnotic, dubby workout with the Orb.

µ-Ziq – Uncle Daddy

We love dreamy breaks and this tune is just does it very well. The nostalgic and long intro is perfect for an afterparty to space out. The dreamy piano is the finishing touch we love!

Phil Anker – The Longest Night

We are thrilled Phil has joined the label with a remix of Underpass.  This is a wonderful example of his lush, deep sound.

Phil Anker - The Longest Night

Aswad – Drum and Bass Line

We will always play reggae at an afterparty – the ideal groove to keep moving, just a little more slowly. This live album is peerless, emotional dub.

Tibi Dabo – Evol

This is a very special tune. It’s like nothing we’ve heard before and can’t compare it to any track we know. It’s just very unique piece and that’s what we love. Great tune to play at anytime and within any set.

Milio – PS-30

Milio always records everything live for his productions, something we are doing more of. We really like this way of producing because it’s all about feeling. This track is part of his album Nachtzon that is a must have for an afterparty!

Ezra Collective – Chris and Jane

A joyous celebratory tune like everything this special band does.   The greatest drumming around!


Skenna & Riigs – Underpass (Phil Anker Remix) is out now.