Back To Mine with ROTCIV

Brazilian sound wizard, ROTCIV has become an underground mainstay over the last decade plus. His colourful sound arrives with vibrant synth work on this label as well as Permanent Vacation, Full Pupp and Cormac’s Polari Records. His love of arps always shines through in the rousing music he makes, and his occult vocals and ability to program minimal drums with maximal impact always shine through. As his new single, ‘PnoPBBB’, hails  Freeride Millenium’s first release of the year, DMCWorld goes back to mine with ROTCIV.

The Starseeds – Behind The Sun (Deep Ambient Mix) Waveform Records

Starting an all-time top 10 list is not an easy task, there are so many tracks worth mentioning when you dedicate nearly 30 years of your life to this craft, but from the top of my head, I would start with this. This is a brilliant atmospheric song with deep beats and a captivating voice. The combination of these amazing elements makes it a must-listen for enthusiasts of ambient of this era. Dreamy stuff!

Behind the Sun (Deep Ambient Mix)

Snap! feat. Niki Haris – Exterminate! (Endzeit 12″ Mix)

I’m addicted to Snap!’s first two albums from the early ‘90s. “Exterminate!” is one of my personal choices because I remember It felt super futuristic when was it released back in the day. Interesting fact, the song has an identical synth riff to “Kinetic” by Golden Girls on R&S Records.

SNAP! feat. NIKI HARIS Exterminate! (Endzeit 12'' Mix) (1993)

Malcolm McLaren and The Bootzilla Orchestra – Call A Wave (DFC Dance Mix)

The production on this one is pure magic! I love this as well as many other Malcolm McLaren songs.

[HQ] Malcolm McLaren - Call A Wave (DFC Dance Mix By Massimino Lippoli)

The Creatures – Digital Rebel

As well as other beloved tracks like ‘Japan’, ‘Believe in Yourself’, and ‘Inspiration’, ‘Digital Rebel’ resonates a special place in my heart. Its so dark, and the synthesisers are so powerful.

The Creatures - Digital Rebel

Gat Decor – Passion

No all-time favourite list is complete without mentioning ‘Passion.’ To me, this 1992 track is the epitome of progressive-house, and it remains an untouchable timeless masterpiece today.

Gat Decor - Passion (Naked Mix)

Coldcut – Stop This Crazy Thing – Ahead of Our Time

From Coldcut’s ‘What’s That Noise?’ 1989 album. Influential to me in my growing-up years, this track brilliantly combines the excitement of 1988’s sampling era with powerful dub-reggae vocals and a timeless social message. It’s fun, quirky and totally genius!

Coldcut - Stop This Crazy Thing

Steve Doesn’t Drive – Woman and Car

Enigmatic, melancholic, majestic, beautiful and delicate; there’s nothing else like it, and there probably never will be. One of my favourite Italo-disco songs from 1983.

Steve Doesn't Drive - Woman And Car (Vocal 1983 Did Records)

Jermaine Jackson feat. Michael Jackson – Tell Me I Am Not Dreaming

I was only 5 years old when I first got hooked on Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘Thriller’; my enduring obsession with Michael’s music continues to this day. This track (which most people don’t seem to know) is a personal favourite of mine. It’s characterised by funky drum beats, rubbery basslines, and Michael Jackson’s signature silky voice and style; undeniably very influential in the pop charts even to this day!

Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming (Too Good to Be True)

The Overlords – Sundown

This track embodies the enchanting early vibes of Trance, Techno, New Beat, Goa and EBM that captivated my heart in the ’90s. The music of freedom, excitement, and new discoveries for myself.

The Overlords - Sundown ( 1991 )

Madonna – Bedtime Story

Amazing production. A nice blend of mysterious futuristic sounds, harmonious pads and groans, accompanied by pulsating house beats and a dynamic tunnel-like special effect towards the end. The vocals invite to “get unconscious”, and was written by Björk. I can definitely recommend the 1994 videoclip as a nice addition and an unforgettable experience!

Madonna - Bedtime Story (Official Video) [HD]

ROTCIV ‘PnoPBBB’ drops February 15th 2024 on Freeride Millenium.