Back To Mine With Sideral

Newcomer Sideral, is off to a flying start already with 2 releases on Mind Against’s recently launched Habitat label. As his hot collaboration with Dyzen, ‘Radiant’ drops on the label, DMCWorld goes back to mine with Sideral.

Mathew Jonson – Typerope

This is one of the first records I listened to. It made me fall in love with electronic music for the warmth it transmits to me.

Typerope (Original Mix)

Anthony Rother – Don’t Worry

Happiness in a song. There are many beautiful moments spent with this song. Especially in the studio with friends or as the last album in the evening. Crazy memories!

Anthony Rother - Don't Worry (Original non-Remix).wmv

Petter – Some Polyphony

For me it is a great classic. This gem for me represents the beginning of my adventure in the world of electronic music. I am very attached to this song because in some way it stimulated me to start producing music.

Petter - Some Polyphony

Franco Battiato – Cuccurucucu

A great classic of Italian music. It takes me back to when I was a child following the rhythm with drumsticks in my room. I think it’s one of the first songs that made me fall in love with musical rhythm.

Franco Battiato - Cuccurucucu

Isaac Albèniz – Asturias

I grew up with my father, a professional classical guitar – flamenco musician. This is one of the songs that I like most because it gives me warmth, passion, and it tells me a story. From here I try to convey the same emotion, the same warmth in my songs.

Asturias (Remastered)

Marilyn Manson – The Beautiful People

It may seem strange, but I was also influenced by Manson. Especially in drum solos. They transmit power and charge to me.

Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People

Slam – This World

A song that makes me happy. The last track for a unique ending. I think it would feel good if you listened to it once a day.

Gabriel Ananda – ihre persönliche Glücksmelodie

This is a song I want to share often. It means a lot to me because it made many moments in my life important, especially at the beginning of my career.

Gabriel Ananda - ihre persönliche Glücksmelodie (complete and original)

Nathan Fake – The Sky Was Pink

Obviously a great classic, very well known but significant for who I am today in my inner part. Telling a story with the delicacy of a sound is the basis for a unique emotion.

The Sky Was Pink (Holden Remix)

Giorgio Moroder – Chase (Casablanca Records 1978)

The father of electronics in Italy and beyond. Revolutionary album that changed an era.

Giorgio Moroder - Chase (Casablanca Records 1978)

Dyzen and Sideral ‘Radiant’ EP (incl. Recondite Remix) is out now on Habitat.