Back To Mine With Simula

Following the release of his debut album ‘Dogma’, which saw the producer drop one of his biggest bodies of work to date, Simula returns to his imprint Neksus Sound for his brand new single ‘Bonesaw’. This follows sold-out, headline album launch parties in London and Bristol, as well as tours across Europe and New Zealand, where he’s continued to grow his sizeable fan base.  DMCWorld goes back to mine with Simula.

Simula – Bonesaw

This is probably my favourite tune that I’ve produced. It’s exactly how I imagine my style of drum & bass to sound; simple, wobbly, raw and dirty.

Simula - Bonesaw [Official Video]

Modelle – Bloodgulch

This tune is absolutely disgusting, it’s just pure wobbly madness. I discovered this tune through listening to Hamdi’s sets, and I’m so glad I did. Raw and gutter, just how we like it.

Modelle - Bloodgulch (PONDLIFE013)

Atmos – Hold You

Atmos is one artist that I absolutely love. He’s been pursuing the dark jump up sound for a while now and has created some incredible music, even releasing on my own label Neksus Sound.

Skantia – Spearnet

Skantia has always been one of my favourite d&b artists, and this tune in particular is one of his best. Raw, rusty and minimal, it’s everything you want from dark d&b.

skantia - Spearnet

Phase – Notice

Phase has always been one of those artists that the heads love, and this track showcases how much detail Phase puts into his music. This track is a real journey into darkness and groove, telling a story as it progresses.

Scepticz – Some Ways They Do

This track is a hidden gem. The beauty of this track is the simplicity; the raw energy from the falling bass that really wants to make you have a skank in your bedroom.

Sorrow – Nostalgia

Old but gold, this track is one of my all time favourites. Sorry is an incredibly talented producer who has always focussed on detail, and the vibe he has created in this track is impeccable.

Sorrow - Nostalgia

Lyny – Noxious

Anyone who closely follows the US bass music scene will know this track. Wobbly, wonky and guaranteed to screw your face up, this is definitely a good track to impress your raver mates.

STUCA – Split

This one is a few years old now, but still guaranteed to make you laugh your head off with how obscene it is. The second synth makes this track.

Duskus – Let Go

A bit of a curveball on this list, this track is truly beautiful. Using beautiful lofi synths with lovely subtle pitch bends, you can truly lose yourself in this track. Also, stereo kick in the intro? Sounds wrong but it truly works here.

Duskus - Let Go (Official Video)

Simula – Bonesaw is out now on Neksus Sound.