Back To Mine with Stefano De Santis

Rome based, Stefano De Santis is conservatory trained and raised on the music of Herbie Hancock, Weather Report and Azymuth. He has been a go-to session player in many projects across multiple genres – from jazz to funk, reggae, and pop. In 2017, he launched the ‘Big Beat’ trio who blended pure jazz with new synth sounds and syncopated drum patterns. Later, in 2020, Stefano teamed up with consummate drummer, Gaetano De Carli to form Re:Fill. Since then, the duo have developed their sound with a brace of imaginative and complex grooves, balancing the old and the contemporary. Their first release ‘Cycles’ (Cognitiva Records), in June 2022 features collaborations with UK DJ-producer heavy-hitters, Ben Hauke and WheelUp. As his fabulously jazzy ‘Unreachable Galaxy EP’ drops on Ramrock Red Records, DMCWorld goes back to mine with Stefano De Santis.

Stefano De Santis – Cosmic Days – Ramrock Red Records

My tribute to the JazzFunk/Disco era and to my main influences, Herbie Hancock, Azymuth, with a little bit of Kaidi Tatham flavour. I started trying to find my voice every day with their guidance.

Weather Report – Havona – Columbia Records

The genius of Jaco Pastorius in this timeless masterpiece. Super orchestration by Joe Zawinul and amazing bass solo. Weather Report at their best. Thanks to my first piano teacher who gave me this record.

Havona By Weather Report

Azymuth – Jazz Carnival – Farout Recordings

In Italy, this tune was the title track of an important journalistic TV programme, I grew up with this song without knowing who Azymuth really were. I discovered them only few years later, listening to a Brazilian music compilation.

Azymuth - Jazz Carnival

Erik Truffaz – Bending New Corners – Blue Note Records

Eric Truffaz is a great French trumpet player. In this psychedelic tune, he fuses the echoes of Miles Davis’s electric period with live contemporary drum&bass and rap. I was literally obsessed by this record in 2000.

Eric Truffaz - Bending New Corners

Herbie Hancock – Sly – Columbia Records

The Maestro goes funk with his unique Rhodes trips. This tune was my first introduction to one of the funkiest instrument ever – the clavinet

Galliano – Freefall – Talking Loud

I’ve always loved the Acid Jazz movement and Gilles Peterson’s Talking Loud label. Galliano are my favourite act and in this song, they meet Roni Size and the combo is amazing. You can hear the seeds of what we call Broken Beat.

Galliano - freefall

Yussef Kamaal – Strings Of Light – Brownswood Records

The modern sound of London. Jazz, House, Broken Beat, but played live in a jam mood. This record inspired my project Re:fill with the drummer Gaetano DeCarli.

Yussef Kamaal - Strings of Light

The Comet Is Coming – Summon The Fire – Impulse

Epic sci-fi prog rock synthscapes, tight drums and screaming sax. They leave me breathless every time.

The Comet Is Coming - Summon The Fire

Kaidi Tatham – Try’n Follow – First Word Records

Kaidi is one of my contemporary inspirations. Not only as a musician but as producer/remixer too. The way he uses progressions, the way he mixes house, Broken Beat, Jazz and Latin is pure class.

Kaidi Tatham - Try n Follow [Audio]

Retromigration – Debris – Brooklands Jams

I love Hip Hop and beats. In this tune, you can hear a Dilla-inspired beats with a fantastic piano theme and solo. Sit back and just relax.


Stefano De Santis ‘Unreachable Galaxy EP’ is out now on Ramrock Red Records.