Back To Mine with Helsloot

Helsloot has made tremendous waves in the last decade working behind the scene with some of dance music’s titans, and his individual projects harness influences from progressive, deep house, disco, and techno. With remixes for the likes of Bob Moses, Flux Pavilion, and Tinlicker coming alongside original productions on Astralwerks, Poesie, and This Never Happened, Helsloot has captured the attention of global tastemakers & dancers alike. As his new collaborative release with Tom Zeta ‘Amora’ drops on Poesie Musik, DMCWorld goes back to mine with Helsloot.

1 Tourist – Your Love

Starting off with some tracks that have been living a while in my current (private) playlist when I’m on the road. These are usually tracks that really capture a vibe and doesn’t trigger my brain go into ‘production’ mode (which means I’m seeing a DAW in front of me and try to analyse all the stuff that’s been going on in the project). Your Love by Tourist is one of them. Basically a perfect loop that never seems to bore me.

Tourist - Your Love (Official Video)

2 Leon Bridges & Khruangbin – Mariella

There is always something from Khruangbin in my playlist. There isn’t a single moment I’m not in the mood for their tracks. When I’m stressed, having diner with some friends, driving home etc. And then Leon Bridges coming in with his smooth voice hits it out the ballpark.

Leon Bridges & Khruangbin - Mariella (Visualizer)

3 George Fitzgerald – Cold

I wasn’t all that educated by this guy until I heard his production on London Grammar – Baby It’s You. This is where my head does go in production mode, but in an inspiring way. There are so many textures and layers that don’t catch your attention the first few times, but there is so much going on. Like a painting.

‘If there was something better, would I be cold like you?’.. That’s the voice of Ellie Goulding btw, pitched down a bit.

George FitzGerald - Cold (Official Video)

4 1da Banton – No Wahala

Summer is over, but this was my anthem the whole season. That sliding guitar later on does the trick.

1da Banton - No Wahala (Official Video)

5 Fritz Kalkbrenner – Layer Cake

I recently got the chance to remix Fritz Kalkbrenner’s latest track ‘In The Morning’. ‘Layer Cake’ is one of the reasons I was a bit starstruck when he asked me. I’ve playlisted this track in a summer list and it has been hanging there for almost 9 years. It’s a perfect combination between hip hop, house and techno. Something I always try to do in my productions and sets because I have a hip hop background.

Fritz Kalkbrenner - Layer Cake (Original Mix)

6 Warren G – So Many Ways

So this is true G Funk. A lot of Snoop Dogg / Dr. Dre / Warren G tracks have that same vibe. This genre inspired me and Tom Zeta to make ‘Bravoure’. We started making this off the grid groove, added some deep baselines. Added some chords and played a very raw outstanding synth lead. Me and Tom have a bit of that same rhythmc hip hop DNA.

Warren G - So Many Ways (Original Version)

7 TSHA – Sister

She is such a star. Not only this production but her whole vibe is amazing. Would love to see her live when I get the chance.

TSHA - 'Sister' (Official Audio)

8 Rodriguez Jr. – Kilian

Once every few years a track comes by that forces you to think about the most important memories in your life. I had that same feeling with ‘Pachanga Boys – Time’ (only wish I could make a top 100 now). I still have it on my USB stick in case of a sunrise set probably wearing sunglasses to hide a few tears.

Rodriguez Jr. — Kilian (Original Mix)


9 BT – Mercury And SolanceKind of revealing my age here, but I still have this one on vinyl. One of my all time fav trance songs released on Tiesto’s label (at that time) Black Hole Recordings. I decided to make a bootleg of this track and sent it to BT. He replied he really loved it and send me the HQ acapella. Now it is being released at the end of this year.

[HD] BT - Mercury And Solace (BT's 12 Mastermix)

10  Air – All I Need

This is my ‘go-to’ track when my mind is racing or when I’m a bit stressed. It’s probably on the 2nd or 3rd spot of my favourite tracks of all time.

AIR - All I Need (feat. Beth Hirsch) (from 𝑀𝑜𝑜𝑛 𝑆𝑎𝑓𝑎𝑟𝑖 - Official Video)

Helsloot & Tom Zeta ‘Amora’ is out now Poesie Musik.