Photoshooting de Tebou et Momo a l aerport de Tempelhof. Tebou and Momo s photoshooting at Tempelhof s airport.

Back To Mine with Téo Dréan

Originally from Marseille, Téo Dréan is a DJ and producer now based in Berlin. He runs the razor-sharp techno label Affûté and has previously released on Planet Rhythm as well as on this label. His sound is drawn from a classic techno blueprint but comes with his own futuristic style. As his new Viandox EP drops on Aquaregia Records, DMCworld goes back to mine with Téo Dréan.

Surt – Lethe

Surt - Lethe [edit_select]


My friend Davide is one of the most underrated producers I know. ‘Lethe’ is his second-best track ever, the first releasing on my label Affûté very soon

David August – Epikur

David August - Epikur - Epikur EP (Official Video)


Absolute Masterpiece. The King of the slow deep techno era of 2013-2014. The best boiler room live ever recorded is from David, back when Stattbad was open.

Bob Moses – Far From The Tree

Bob Moses - Far From The Tree (Original Mix)


So simple, yet so good. These vocals will haunt me forever. Probably the most played track in my iTunes, together with Epikur. Every time I listen to them, I’m back in Cologne, as an Erasmus student, living my best life.

Urbano – Control Your Mind

Urbano - Control Your Mind [LNTHN004]


Before he became half of SHDW & Obscure Shape, Urbano was already producing bombs. The whole album 23 is my favourite album of all time, and only includes splendid techno & ambient prods.

Amotik – Pandrah

Amotik - Pandrah [AMTK005]

The definition of atmospheric techno, this track laid a bit in the shadows of its sister, Solah, another masterpiece. But these days I prefer Pandrah.

Howling – Signs (Rødhåd Remix)

Howling - 'Signs' (Rødhåd Remix)

Timeless. I actually bought Rodhad’s HoS masterclass recently and he shows how he made that track, which was really inspiring. I love how he plays with vocals.

Woodkid – Iron

Woodkid - Iron (Official Video)

The voice, the chord progressions, the video clip… my favourite song of all time.

Keith Carnal – Indecent

Keith Carnal - Indecent [10YRDREF005]

One of the tracks I’ve played the most in clubs. Always worked, and always will.

VII Circle – Eternal

7CIRCLE - Eternal [REM003]

Back when VII Circle was producing atmospheric techno. REM was founded by a friend called Paul Roux who keeps pushing the boundaries of that kind of music. Eternal will always stay in my heart and I was lucky to hear it many times in Berlin clubs back then. I remember someone in the comments on YouTube said: “so this is how it feels to enter the gates of heaven?” Or maybe it was hell? Both work.

747 – Aurora Centralis

747 - Aurora Centralis [AQR006]

Maybe the most played track on the HATE channel, and all for the right reasons. 747 has his own brand, and I’m not shy to say that he inspired me to make many of my tracks, including the ones on Aquaregia, one of my favourite labels, founded by the amazing Emily Nicoll.

Téo Dréan ‘Viandox EP’ is out now on Aquaregia Records.