Back To Mine with Tim Green

Fifteen years of releasing music is a milestone for any artist; but through his career, Tim has established himself as a truly talented and chameleonic producer, creating emotive, genre-spanning cuts on labels like All Day I Dream, Anjunadeep, Cocoon Recordings (his acclaimed debut LP ‘Her Future Ghost’). He’s also remixed Friendly Fires, Paul McCartney, Cassius, Booka Shade, further underlining his abilities as a multi-faceted producer, whilst still amassing millions of streams on Spotify/DSPs, plus securing the top spot in Beatport’s Organic House category; from artists and tastemakers, to the mainstream, Tim’s success continues to grow.

DMCWORLD grabs a very special Back To Mine 10 as he releases his new album ‘In New Light’ featuring Mathew Jonson, Lost Desert, Dave DK, Janus Rasmussen and many more…


Bob (Edu k Mix)

I first heard this quite a while ago on the incredible Senna documentary by Asif Kapadia. It was placed so perfectly in the movie, at a time for Ayrton when he was more relaxed and comfortable in his career and life. Plus at a point in the movie which had some lovely visuals / moments that fit perfect with the song. I haven’t stopped listening ever since, Instantly fills you with warmth.

Elysée – La Chambre des Lumières

La chambre des Lumières (Original Mix)

This song is like some beautiful dream where you can’t quite work out what’s happening, but it doesn’t matter, it’s just enjoyable this way. Feels like it could easily fit onto an OST (soundtrack) from Nancy Wilson or something. As ever quite a melancholic feeling to it, as with most of my favourite songs.

Cloud – Voltige

02 Cloud - Voltige [Exceptional Records]

Cloud is an early Dorisburg collaboration project! This song is just such a great vibe, extremely simple, but with such perfect parts to the song. So it ends up being delivered in such a perfect and beautiful way. Again, it’s all about the progression and build to the main drop in the middle. Its groovy, moody and melodic – don’t need anything more!

Kiasmos – Lit

I’ve played this song in clubs anyway, but still it’s something I’d love to play at an afterparty. But it’s just sublime and has such a great build up to when the kick and bass finally all come in together!!

Jon Hopkins – Symmetry

Symmetry - Jon Hopkins

I’m a huge fan of Jon’s earlier albums. Especially the beatless and more ambient songs. This song is a bit of a party tune though! Great nod to breakbeat, but also nice as Jon was more starting to explore the glitchy / edit side of things on this song and album.

Underworld – Sola Sistim

Underworld ~ Sola Sistim

After so many years and so many times of hearing this song, I’m still just as in love with it. Such a perfect drum groove, that shuffle is just so smooth and laid back. Carl’s vocals just completely (like usual) narrate and carry the song along so perfectly. One of my favourite songs ever.

Pat Metheny – To the End of the World

To the End of the World

I feel like this goes on so many of my top 10 lists which I guess is the perfect indication of how much I love the song! Plus how versatile and dynamic the song is. There’s very few songs which carry such a great progression I think, really telling a story. Just sit back and let it carry you!!

Bon Iver – 666

Bon Iver - 666 ʇ - Official Video

For an artist who consistently puts out incredible music, I always found it hard to pick a favourite song of his. But this one is up there for me as a serious contender as his best, helped also so much by hearing him play it live, which created such a nice memory of this song. Itwas a rendition I’ll never forget!

Peter Gabriel – Digging in the Dirt

Peter Gabriel - Diggin in the dirt - Secret world tour - Sottotitolato in italiano

I’ve always wanted to hear this song on a big club system. Not sure if it could ever work in a DJ set haha. But the groove from Manu Katche the drummer is incredible.

Steve Winwood – Valerie

Steve Winwood - Valerie (1987 Version)

Possibly my favourite song ever, mostly I think because it’s one of the songs I have my earliest memories to. It’s a perfect pop song, in my opinion anyway. As it still feels quite melancholic, but equally uplifting at the same time.

Tim Green’s album ‘In New Light’ is out now on his new imprint For a Memory.

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