Ali Wilson – Tabula Rasa [Untidy]

Tabula Rasa: An absence of preconceived ideas or predetermined goals. A clean slate. The human mind, especially at birth, in its blank or empty state before exposure to outside impressions or social constructs. Ali Wilson comes bouncing out of lockdown with a whole fresh outlook and sound. Steering away from his previous defined roots of hi-energy tech trance and making a play for the House music stages. Coming in a cool USB box set and also available digitally, this 19 track marathon shows off Ali’s extreme diversity when it comes to his music. From bubbling acid lines, to jackin house beats, traditional instruments and a whole spectrum of vocal samples, Tabula Rasa really is a complete melting pot of influences, and probably not like any other album on the shelf right now! Saving the best to last, finale track, ‘Give It Up’ could well have been an Ibiza classic for the 2021 summer club season (if there had been one), but I’m sure many DJs will be keeping this on the stick for next year! 100% Future Classic, and an outstanding delivery overall.


Reviewed by Nick Coles


Ali Wilson - Give It Up