Back to Mine With Tosca (Rupert Huber & Richard Dorfmeister)

For Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber, the idea of rebirth is a creative driving force – an artistic device which not only informs their work, but anchors it. As the avant-garde electronic group Tosca, the two artists have lived many musical lives, from their early electronic experiments with tape decks to the blissed-out dub compositions with which they have made their name. Their recent album, OSAM, takes this idea of renewal even further. Now they have reworked the source material from their ninth record and selected some of their friends to help make ‘MIRAGE, the OSAM Remixes’. DMCWorld goes back to mine with Tosca.

Lhasa de Sela – Fools Gold

Intimacy, love, pain, and the most intense yet soft vocals; she went too early but what is left is pure beautiful music.

Eric Burdon – Tobacco Road 

RH: One of my favorite tracks… the ground breaking collaboration between Eric Burdon and War and an iconic bassline.

Tobacco Road: Tobacco Road / I Have a Dream / Tobacco Road

Love Is All Around
RD: An all time classic, I just discovered another version on the album called “Love Is All Around”.

The Beatles – A Day in the Life

RH: Some music we’ve heard so many times that we might forget its greatness. Imagine this track by an unknown, obscure band and you just discovered it and heard it the first time…
RD: And the wonderful piano chord at the end of the song is just legendary!

Talking Heads – Crosseyed and Painless (Live Version)

RH: The intensity of the performance always fascinated me; lightyears away from the studio version, this shows what live music can be.
RD: Good to see the original Talking Heads reuniting for the rerelease of “stop making sense”, the best live music film ever.

Crosseyed and Painless (Live)

Grace Jones – Walking In The Rain

RH: This song is, and sounds like, what it is about; a walk in the rain – and my favorite synthesizer solo ever. RD: Another example of the incredible input that Chris Blackwell had on music history.

Grace Jones / Walking In The Rain

Miles Davis – Fat Time

RH: Some music is timeless, like a rock, as if it has always have been there and will always be…like Fat Time from Miles ́ comeback album “The Man with the Horn”.
RD: I remember when we discovered these albums while attending school together – the feel and power of this music still remains in our heads.

Fat Time (2022 Remaster)

Sergio Mendez & Brasil 66 – For What It’s Worth

RH: If you just like the groove, the mood, the vocals, the song, then you feel just like me. RD: What a classic Steven Stills created!

Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 - For What It's Worth (Official Visualizer)

Sex Pistols – Holidays in the Sun

RH: They brought energy back to rock and called it punk. I always loved this album.

Sex Pistols- Holidays In The Sun (Audio)

Ray Charles – Lonely Avenue

RH: Love left him and the Raelettes are witnesses… another sleepless night…

RD: The blues has always been a big influence on the Tosca sound.

Ray Charles - Lonely Avenue

Nina Simone – If I Knew

RH: If there is love then it is what this song is about…

Nina Simone - If You Knew

Tosca’s ‘Mirage – The Osam Remixes’ arrives via !K7 Records on the 27th of October on vinyl, CD and digital.