Watch out world. The Japanese superstars are coming

Welcome to DMCWORLD young man. You have a brand new EP smashing into The Buzz Chart this week ‘Banvox’ – talk us through this brand new Surfer Rosa release track by track…
“Nice one Dan. Thank you very much. I am really excited to have my first international release, and for that to be in the UK also. Here we go…

01 Instinct Dazzling Starlight (Original Mix)

This is my favourite on the EP – the chopped up vocal gives the track soul.
02 Buildup Monster (Original Mix)

This is one massive build – Tim Healey, the Surfer Rosa Records owner loves this track and tells me that he has been playing this and the title track at all his gigs.
03 Falling (Original Mix)

This is my first 115 BPM tune. I wanted to drop the tempo and keep things pumping.
04 Awakening (Original Mix)

I made this in January this year, my first track in this new style, sent it to Surfer Rosa and they loved it, so we planned the EP concept.”
You started making music twelve months ago uploading to soundcloud. Your first ever EP ‘Intense Electro Disco’ received over 4000 downloads in two days when it was released on Maltine. A crazy to start to anyone’s career! How old were you when you started to make music?
“Back in the elementary/junior high school days I was immersed in Hip Hop all day long – every day. Of course I still enjoy Hip Hop today, I am influenced by the music a lot. I started to make my own music around October 2010 when I was a Japanese high school student. Before that, I had no experience with musical instruments. Back then I was hiding my age since I did not want my sounds to be judged by my age. I am still a teenager as you can guess!”  

Who were your musical influences that made you want to make people dance?

“Electro Clash like Boys Noize and Bloody Beatroots influenced me a lot after my Hip Hop era. I still love crazy Electro.”

In the UK people are saying that you are emerging as a real contender to Skrillex, Knife Party and Zedd – what are your thoughts on that?
“Yes, I have heard the same said in Japan Dan. They are my favourite artists and I am very honoured to be mentioned with these. But I did cut up of vocal sampling before I had heard of Skrillex. I think it is a bit rude for them to simply categorize by the surface characteristics, every artist has their own musical roots and experiences. For me, I have been just seeking my own ideal sound and my current sounds are the consequences – I think I am a secret-est. I have been influenced by a lot of artists but the names are secrets (smile).”

Tell us about studio set up?
“I use the FL Studio 10 software. I just bought Fostex NF-01A last month. Before that, I had been using the no name small set-up speakers that came with my PC.  I was very happy to open the Fostex speakers here, but I am still using the first unknown speakers since I feel relaxed and know them really well.”

What did your parents think of your choice of career?
“My mother listens to my tracks sometimes, but I have never asked her about my choice of career. Hold on, I’ll go and ask her…she says “I am happy you are doing what you want to do.  I am a big fan of you”…I am embarrassed a bit now.”

Who do your ‘roadtest’ your new music to first?
“I have a great friend and music producer in Tokyo, “SEKITOVA” who gave me my first praise on my first free-release EP. I think he is a very cool club music creator. His music genre is different from mine. His comments give me confidence. As my friend and competitor, I respect him a lot.”

What is coming next from you studio wise?
“As with this EP ‘Instinct Dazzling Starlight’, I always do my output with instinct. I don’t know the exact direction at the moment, but I bet it will be more dynamic noise in the Banvox style. At the moment I am in a calm mode and looking forward to finishing the next work with Surfer Rosa Records.”

How many tunes do you stored up ready for release?
“In the first year of making sounds, I made more than 450 tunes…just outputting. Lately, I am trying to concentrate on brushing up on my music one by one. So at this moment, I have no stock ready yet.”  

Are there any plans to do live shows in the near future?
“There are no live shows plans this year. I have not accepted any live show offers since I have been busy with the EP and other music related work. Also, I don’t want to appear in public…basically…there may be no problem with disguised live shows like Daft Punk and recent Squarepusher or Aphex twin playing offstage. But yes, I do want to do live shows. I have done a couple in the past and enjoyed sharing my music with the many people there. It’s super cool.”

Who are the other Japanese producers you rate at the moment?
“tofubeat, kz and SEKITOVA who I mentioned above. I really like them. Naohiro Yako also, he is not a music producer but a designer who helped me to make this brand-new EP artwork. He is very cool and I respect him a lot.
I am very lucky I have many respectable artists around me. For this EP ‘Instinct Dazzling Starlight’, I have got big support from those Japanese artists.”

What are the big 10 EDM tunes you love at the moment?
10.Vandalism (Dirtyloud Remix) – Porter Robinson feat. Amba Shepherd

09.Embody – SebastiAn

08.Dungeon (Far Too Loud Remix) – Cyberpunkers

07.Pressure Cooker (Original Mix) – Pegboard Nerds

06.Dying feat. Ultraviolet Sound & Emily Hudson (Original Mix) – Kill The Noise

05.Stars Come Out (Original Mix) – Zedd

04.カントリーロード -RE:NDZ Remix-  RE:NDZ

03.Nobody Gets Out Alive (Noisia Remix) – Le Castle Vania

02.Last Day To Remember (Original Mix) – ULTRNX

01 Kick Out The Epic Motherf**ker. – Dada Life
What is the clublife like in Tokyo at the moment?
“Honestly Dan, I seldomly go to the clubs and I don’t know it very  well.  In Japanese clubs, under 20s are restricted after 10pm. At the moment, I just want to produce my music.”

And finally, were you surprised at the reaction ‘Intense Electro Disco’ received so quickly – or did you know you had created something very special?
*Yes, I was really surprised. As soon as the EP was released I received some very praising messages, contacts and job offers from my respected dream people. I did not get what was happening around me. So, I feel very excited and nervous at the moment. ‘Intense Electro Disco’ was released one year ago but is still popular here. Especially, the second track ’Laser’ which had a very good reaction and is my first BPM175 tune. But the new ‘Banvox EP’ is on another level. Whilst answering these questions I feel like I am dreaming. Thank you very much for giving me a wonderful opportunity and listening to my music. Lastly, one more thing, I would like to thank Mr Tim Healey and Surfer Rosa Records very much for giving me a chance with my demo music…and being patient with my English!!”