Superb new album celebrating 20 years of bringing us the noyz

Welcome to DMCWORLD dude…what a 20 years you have graced us with – does it feel like it has flown by?
“Thank you. It was an awesome time and it has definitely not felt like 20 years. I enjoyed in this time so many impressions and countries, saw different clubs and festivals  and met incredibly nice people…to the next 20 years!”

Well a massive new track ‘The Noyz’ featuring the superb vocals of Sam Obernik – what a joy of a record to have made – tell us about it…
“My studio partner Eniac and myself produced it together right before we met Sam in Amsterdam at the ADE. We wanted to work together for a long time and I told her about the track. She loved it and started to record her amazing vocals…this is how a music conference should work! By the way, the video was shot by my long time friend and much respected artist Tim Healey in Brighton!”
The tune is included on the Tomcraft 20 album coming out later this year, a mixture of Best Of and new stuff. Let’s begin with the Best Of, put your top 3 in order of how much they mean to you and why…?
1. Loneliness: Of course my most successful track which brought me the possibility to play in clubs and festivals all around the world.
2. Overdose: This track had huge success and I had the chance to get it in a German Techno movie and also played a little role in it – of course I was the DJ!
3. Prosac: This track was more of a fun production concerning the text..after a while when I tested it in the clubs, we saw that it really worked well and rocked the crowd…so we finally changed a bit here and there and released it.
You must be sick of journalists asking you about ‘Loneliness’ – but it is part of dance music heritage. Can you remember the first time you roadtested the tune and saw the reaction on the dancefloor, goosebumps must have been a plenty…?
“Yes I remember it very well. It was my residency in Munich “KW-Das Heizkraftwerk”. I played together with Paul Van Dyk that night. People freaked out and screamed during the whole song. I knew that I had a good track but I couldn´t believe the reaction I saw! Paul came immediately over to me with a big smile and said…”good work man”.”

Not mentioning any names, but after the success of the record you could have quite easily churned out pop dance records one after another like some other dance producers – what was the drive that made you to keep to your underground roots and create Great Stuff Recordings and continue to brings is quality records?
“When we produced “Loneliness” it was not our plan to release a hit. It was just the passion for music we loved to work with. I did not think about working on more pop dance records. It was more interesting to work with people like Jimmy Pop from the Bloodhound Gang and German soul superstar “Xavier Naidoo”…these were the possibilities I enjoyed through the success of Loneliness.”
Where has been the strangest – non club place you have heard the record…?
“In the supermarket I used to go at the time!”
‘Tomcraft 20’ is released on Kosmo, the label that has the rights to most of the tracks on the album – it must have made sense to reactivate that success story with the new record. Does that mean that Kosmo Records will be the home of Tomcraft in the future?
“Yes. Kosmo and myself worked together a lot because of our huge project.”Tomcraft 20″ will be released this year and Tomcraft´s home will be Kosmo!”

Let’s look to the future…what are the new productions you are excited to have included on this piece of dance music history album…?
“Tomcraft feat. Sister Bliss – ‘Supersonic’. I met her in Russia on tour and we had a long chat. When I heard her voice with this dirty subtone, I was really impressed. I asked her if she would record vocals for me. She was laughing and wasn´t sure if I knew that she was the keyboard player in Faithless. Two weeks later I received some awesome spoken vocals and this track rocks! Release date is October 5th on Beatport. ‘The Noyz feat. Sam Obernik: it won´t be the last track with Sam, we have a few more vocals…plus a few more awesome new tracks…from electro to progressive techno and techno…”

What is the current top 10 you are spinning right now?

 01. Digitalism “Falling” (Tommy Trash Version) – Spinnin Records
 02. Tomcraft feat. Sister Bliss “Supersonic” – Kosmo (coming soon)
 03. Phunk Investigation – “From The Dust” – 1605
 04. Oliver Huntemann “Dark Passenger” – Ideal Audio
 05. Balthazar, Schuhmacher “We Love Bangers” – 1605
 06. Spartaque “Esta Loca” (Tomcraft Remix) – Craft Music
 07. Tomcraft feat. Sam Obernik “The Noyz” – Kosmo
 08. Daft Punk “Alive” Umek Bootleg
 09. Gesaffelstein “Depravity” – Bromance
 10. Tomcraft “Overdose 2012” – Kosmo

What has been your summer anthem?
“Tomcraft feat.Sister Bliss – ‘Supersonic’.…”
How would you describe your production style in 2012?
“My style hasn’t changed so much over the last few years. I think it just sounds typical Tomcraft: dark and energetic.”

How important do you think the DJ MAG Top 100 poll is today – the Italian guy selling votes on e-Bay a few weeks ago was pretty bad news…
“It´s very important. Most promoters check out the DJ list…I heard about that Italian guys but as far as I know they didn’t manage to sell it – good!  It is worthwhile that DJ Mag controls things as this poll is so important. This DJ lady from Switzerland is already out of the poll – good!”
Best festival gig of 2012 so far…and why…
“The Atmosphere Festival in Mexico City. It was outside of the city in the mountains in the forest. It was huge, 25,000 people! The audience there was so excited all the time. The decoration, sound and light system was incredible…everything was perfect and awesome – LOVE MEXICO!”
Who are your big DJ buddies out on the circuit?
“Tim Healey, Lutzenkirchen, Monika Kruse, Timo Maas…”

What are your thoughts about America and EDM…some DJs and producers on these pages in recent weeks think that the golden period has already happened there…some have said that they wouldn’t be surprised if the the US youth discarded dance music the same way they did with Disco in the 70s when they were bored with it…thoughts on that?
“NO! Dance music and this huge success just started a few years ago and it will grow more than we can imagine. Everything is about dance music in the US right now – I’m sure it will go on.”
Who were the early music artists you loved listening to that got you tuned into dance music…?
“When I got into dance music in the early 90´s it had just started. There were of course stars like Sven Väth, Jeff Mills and Dave Clarke, more important was the spirit this music scene had – I compare it always with the 60´s and the hippie culture.”
Have you come from a musical family?
“No. I was the black sheep when I decided to work in the music business and become a DJ.”
What was the first great dance club you ever went to?
“The Babalu Club in Munich, DJ Hell was playing…”
Early DJ heroes?
“Jeff Mills – the fastest vinyl DJ ever!”
The record that changed your life?
“Beastie Boys “License To Ill”.
Away from dance music, who are the artists you are listening to at home or in the car?
“The XX, Radiohead, Chase & Status, Beastie Boys, Depeche Mode…the list is long…”
What is your guilty pleasure song?
“Digitalism ‘Falling’ (Tommy Trash version).”

What are you working on in the studio right now?
“Right now we are work on Loneliness 2012…a very hard job!”



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01. Tomcraft feat Sam Obernik – The Noyz – Kosmo
02. Phunk Investiagation – We Are Humans
03. Tomcraft – Overdose 2012 – Kosmo
04. Daft Punk – Alive (Umek Bootleg)
05. Tomaz vs. Filterheadz – Sunshine (Umek Remix) – 1605
06. Gesaffelstein – Depravity – Bromance
07. Spartaque – Esta Loca (Tomcraft Remix) – Craft Music
08. NHB – Collidium – Audio Elite
09. Sharam  – Radio G (Day Mix) – Promo
10. Tomcraft feat Sam Obernik – The Noyz (Aint&Fish Remix) – Kosmo