Hello, great to have you in for a chat, for anyone who doesn’t know who you are or what it is you do, would you like to introduce yourself?

Hi I’m Pascal, 31 Years young electronic music Producer and Audio engineer.

Tell us more about growing up in Germany, how did growing up there influence you musically?
What artists would you say have been the biggest influences on you and your sound?

I was born in Central Germany (Erfurt). In 1990, I moved to West Germany with my family and grew up there.

My family was not very musical. But my father had a great CD & disk collection. From Kraftwerk over Michael Jackson to Pink Flyod there were some plates which shaped me very much. The music of Michael Jackson influenced me the most. His beats and grooves were unique and made me constantly flinch. I am also a big fan of synthesizer sounds. My grandfather regularly ran the albums of Jean Michel Jarré in the car up and down. His music was inspiring and relaxing for me. I am also nicht the type of knits only one genre listens. There are far too many beautiful music. I like Indi Rock and especially crossover stories. For me is important with every music, the track conveys a certain feeling, and has a kind of soul.

Your latest EP Headspin / Boomerang is forthcoming on Lauter Unfug, how did the relationship with the label come about?

I’ve been to Lauter Unfug almost a year ago in South Germany to know an event. I liked the Spirit from the beginning. The contact with the guys never broke off, and I did a remix a few weeks later on the label. (The Two! – Polyphony (Beatamines Remix) The collaboration was so good that Pierre (Head of Lauter Unfug) offered me to do my management, a short time later I started as an A & R at Lauter Unfug, meanwhile we are a big collective and work with a lot Enjoy new releases and events.

Yes, my‚ Headspin‘ EP is freshly squeezed. And I’m really happy about the great feedback from the other DJ’s, producer’s and of course about the peoples out there!

The EP sees you team up with Jiggler on the track Boomerang, tell us more about your relationship with him?

We met about 6 years ago at a party. His style was already apparent to me. Always very groovy and impulsive were his sets and production. Also as a person it is always funny with him.

With Mirko (aka Jiggler) I am already very long friends. I play already long and gladly his productions. We wanted to often “collab”. But somehow there was always something in between.

But as fate does, we finally managed it! Of the Track “Boomerang” from us was very fast in the box. I have submitted and Mirko added his mustard and arranged the track. The final mixing was then again with me in the studio. It was really a nice working with Mirko!

Umami and Betoko both provide remixes for the EP. Is this something you organised yourself or was it a decision from the label?

Yes I organized that. I does remixes for Betoko as well and we produced a track together for the 100th Release of Einmusika Recordings Birthday Compilation. And Umami are also good friends. They are really kind guys on stage and behind the stage 🙂 I’m really happy about both remixes! Good Job, Guys!

Lets take a trip to your studio for a moment… How do you go about your productions, do you have a formula you stick to when building a track, or do you just get in there and let inspiration run its course. Do you have any signature hardware or software you use in the studio?

I always start with a Jam session. I connected all drum machines and synthesizers. When I create a track for the dancefloor it is important that the track is created in the dance (dancing). I have a long time tweaked my whole studio to connect, which I can integrate signals from the DAW into my “live set Booth” (Einbereich in my studio with any amount of hardware). And, of course, vice versa. For Basslines I use the Moog Sub37 and from Novation the Bass Station 2.

In order to have a kind of Signature sounds for me, I use the mixdwown almost everything from Slate Digital. These plug-ins sound incredibly good. And color my tracks extremely beautiful.

Aside from the music, what do you enjoy doing in your free time, do you have any other hobbies?

Yes you should absolutely still have other hobbies to equalize! Over the years, I have a passion for photography and graphics. Meanwhile I am doing the artworks of Moonbootica’s label Moonbootique Records. It makes me happy to be able to visualize music.

Another hobbies are cooking and making friends to cut the hair. I always love being creative. For me, it is important to create something new and make others happy with my activities. What about you? are you hungry or need a new look / laughs?

Lastly, I’m sure this year is going to continue to be a busy one for you, what individual plans do you have coming up?

Yes there is a lot still to do as always.

A lot of remixes are in the pipeline and nice Collabs. The ‘Hunted Riffs’ EP with my buddy Mattia Pompeo from Valencia on my label Ahoi Audio! Or ‘Esperanza’ with Johan Mila from Mallorca on Traumschallplatten.

Since end of September, I sit at my third studio Longplayer. But psssst, everything still top secret 😉

From December I give Ableton Workshops in Magdeburg. (More info soon on my fanpage) And I produce a sample library for Loopmasters. And of course really cool new stuff and Events on and with Lauter Unfug!

Headspin / Boomerang is out now! Grab it here: