Keshav and Himanshu have known each other their whole lives, which means that they have always shared everything together. Perhaps most importantly, the duo shares a deep passion and appreciation for making music. After years of working with each other, they have developed a keen creative sense that allows them to merge their individual influences and styles together, resulting in one sound that is unique, exciting, and bold. Currently, BlareMob has garnered significant attention from both fans and critics with the release of singles like, “Stabbed” and “Nightlong”. Ahead of their upcoming release ‘Diamond’ we caught up with the guys from BlareMob to find out more about them.

Tell us about yourself? Who are you guys?

We are a DJ/Producer duo from New Delhi, India made up of Himanshu Chhabra and Keshav Bhardwaj. We have known each other since we were kids. Our shared passion and love for music is what brought us together to form BlareMob. Himanshu studied Music and Audio Engineering in Canada whereas Keshav is a self taught DJ/producer & an entrepreneur.

How long have you been making music?

We have been making music together since 2017, but individually, we both started way before that.

What makes your style unique?

Our music styles are somewhat different, but the combination of both of our knowledge, styles and tastes are key ingredients to what makes our music unique.

Who are your biggest influences and why?

Our biggest influences would be Tiesto, Skrillex, The Chainsmokers, Armin Van Buuren, Illenium & Martin Garrix. These artists have been consistent, and we feel their music has a quality to grow on the audience. Their performances are power packed & watching them perform live or even a recording of their show always sparks a creative fire in us. But to be honest it isn’t fair to name a few artists as we have our influences from several genres and a long/never ending list of artists.

Where do you see you and your music going?

We see our music reaching a mass audience and convey the same feeling we get whilst writing and producing a song. As for us, we see us performing really soon alongside releasing music non-stop!  Describe in one word the ‘BlareMob’ Sound?Intense!

Any upcoming projects in the coming months?

We have a lot of music, different from what we have released before, coming out soon. We are even working on an EP specifically for the concert/festival audience.

What can we expect from you in the future?

A lot of crazy and intense music and performances in the near future.

Finally, what song have you been playing most lately?

ZHU & NGHTMRE – Man’s first inhibition and The Chainsmokers & Illenium – Takeaway.

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