We caught a few words with Ibiza vocal sensation and island resident, Blondewearingblack, just shy of delivering an electric performance on stage at the 2019 DJ Awards. Nick Coles grabs a few words with Samantha to talk about her already impressive achievements and what’s coming up..

Here we are at the DJ Awards 2019 – how are you? what have you been up to?

I’ve been in with a cold for a week getting ready for tonight. I did a wicked sound check earlier at Heart so I’m buzzing, can’t wait to sing at half time.

And you’re singing tonight, obviously?

It’s my last track I had out on Pets recordings with Rogue D, it’s called ‘Hard and Deep’. I initially called it ‘Hide and Seek’ but they changed it! Mum and Dad are well proud Haha!!

What can we expect from your set tonight, are you doing a couple of tracks?

Just one, and it’s drum and bass just to shake things up a bit! They always do a soulful PA or a Disco act, I think they asked me because they want something a little bit different this year, so I hope the crowd likes it, we’ll see.

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Tell us a bit about your background – Where are you from? Where did it all start for you?

I used to be in musical theatre, I’m from London and then realised I didn’t like singing other people’s songs. I moved to Ibiza and was driving DJs for DC10. I wrote a song about driving DJs called ‘Precious Cargo’ with Mr G. That came out on Defected.. and that’s three years ago. Since then I’ve been signed to Get physical, Strictly Rhythm, Pets Recordings and a few others.

What collaborations have you got in the pipeline and projects you are working on?

I’ve just finished a track with Justin Harris which is coming out on Freakin909 with a Marshall Jefferson and Steve Map remix. I’m doing a track with Collective States, and also Groove Armada; I’ve just done two tracks with them.

Have you been here all summer?

I live here all year round. This is my fourth year, I can’t get enough! I fly home once a month, I’ve got a residency at Nobu in Shoreditch, but yeah that’s enough delve into London and delve back.

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Have you found time to chill at all this summer, or has it been non-stop partying?

Ha, no… no…November I’ll sleep. Maybe?

What do you do in the winter months?

In the summer I’m out gigging and meeting people, and then winter I try and keep it free for singing and recording. As I’m getting more successful, it’s all blending into one. You have to hold back on the partying a little bit, which I’m still working on.

You got to protect that voice right?

Yeah, ha-ha.

So, you mention Nobu, is there anywhere else you perform in the UK and what else have you got coming up?

I sing at Pikes here every week, I sing at Heart also. I just did Wild Child at Heart with Lorcan, which was amazing! What else have I got? I’ve got two Nobu gigs coming up in London, I do Shhh Festivals in the UK which are wicked, it’s quite classic but it’s good.

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Do you do covers?

I try not to, I released a track with David Morales last year, which was a cover of Hideaway by De’Lacy, so we had that out last year, and I did another track with Morales. But that’s the only cover I’ve ever recorded, I’m trying to keep away from it.

So you 100% write your own material?

Yeah, I go out all night, come home write lots of angry stuff ha-ha… then sober up and put it all into a song.

Other than those mentioned, which producers are you working with, is it just various projects, various producers?

Yeah, it’s like whoever sends me beats and it sounds right! Collective States is coming up, Groove Armada as well…I’ve also worked with Danisum, Justin Harris and David Morales; obviously. Mr G was my first so… yeah, it’s going well.

Any other plans?

Yeah, I want to get some gigs somewhere sunny, I’m sick of being here in the rain… I’m looking for like an Asia tour, maybe Japan?


Yeah, my Dad’s from New Zealand, but I don’t know how much is going on out there. There’s actually quite thriving scene over there for House music..

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Ok right, I will have to look into that for sure. And finally…because this is an interview for DMC World Magazine, what are your best memories of DMC magazine and the associated DMC WORLD Mixing Championships?

That’s Dan Prince’s baby right? (Laughs) – A big hi to Dan in that case!!




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