Ibiza 2012 Special

Tell us about Space in 2012. New nights, new DJs – how did it go…

“This year was a great year for the club with the introduction of 2 new nights, on Thursday we had the arrival of Richie Hawtin and his night Enter which was by far one of the biggest talking points of the summer, he and his team transformed the whole club and brought a whole new clubbing experience to Space – the introduction of the sake bar which brought some of the headliners playing early sets from 22.00 – 00.00 kicking the night off nice and early. And then on Fridays we had the first year of Beat and Raw which brought us some debutants to the island – Cypress Hill, Dub Pistols, Morcheeba, Temper Trap to name but a few and still giving the live option here in Ibiza.”

Who really surprised you this year?

“For me there was many surprises but the main one was the people who came to the Island this year and partied, we were all pretty worried at the start with the economic climate the way it is but they still came in there droves. Nicer, cooler, up for it punters who made this year one of the best for all…so thank you.”

Tune of the summer?

“For me it has to be Kolsch – ‘Der Alte’, just one of those piano riffs that is great for the last track of the night.”

Most overplayed record of the summer?

“Too many to mention but you will always find that they are always the crap ones.”

Favourite resident DJ on the island?

“This year it has to be a guy called Paul Reynolds. He has been playing for us for Ibiza Calling and also Kehakuma – he can play any style to any crowd, is a great all rounder and one to watch for the future.”

Why is Ibiza still the best party location in the world?

“Firstly I think that Ibiza just has something magical that no where else in the world has and also I think it is a mixture of the clubs. Not one of the clubs has the same look and they are unlike any others in the world, and we have the best promoters who have been putting on the best events all over the world with the best talent that the EDM has to offer. But most importantly, the punters that come here make the parties and they just want to have a great time – and god do they know how to do this!”

Ibiza is now split straight down the middle with serious DJs spinning quality house and techno on one side, and DJs playing the big room bangers on the other. Discuss…

“You will get this now as that is how the split is right now. You have the kids who want commercial house and the kids who want the tec underground sound – and the great thing is we have the venues, the promoters and DJs all covering these sounds. Ibiza needs to cater for the different people who come to the island and this is done so well.”

What new party on the island caused the biggest splash in their debut summer this year? And why?

“For me it has to be Enter. I just think with the whole big news of Richie coming to Space, all that they have brought to the night and introducing a new clubbing experience. If you have not been this year. make sure you come next summer.”

Favourite restaurant and beach in Ibiza?

“My favourite restaurant is Pastis, a small French restaurant tucked away at the back of Ibiza town – it’s just fantastic. My favourite beach is Es Cavalette, just nice and quiet and always a nice cool breeze.”

Do you think the 123 Rocktronic Festival that featured the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Elton John, Sting, David Guetta and Tiesto this year is an important addition to the Ibiza summer, or do you think it is a case of one too many party on an already bulging season?

“I thought that this was great for the Island and I hope that they continue with this. But they might need to cut the opening times down as nobody in Ibiza gets out their beds till 3pm! Also perhaps have a dance day and a live day to make sure you have the right crowd on the right day, but I think the more that we can offer not just for the holiday makers in Ibiza but also the people who live in Ibiza, is great all round.”

What is the one record that will always remind you of Ibiza…?

“There is only one and that is Orbital ‘Belfast’ –  for me that is Ibiza.”

Best venue in Ibiza and why?

“It has to be Space as this was the first club I ever went to in Ibiza and for me this is where I hold my fondest memories of clubbing in Ibiza. The set up, sound, lights, staff and line ups are by far the best on the island.”

A lot of money has been spent on the island in recent years improving things, what do you think is the biggest improvement on the island?

“It’s quite sad that I have to say that it has to be the roads in Ibiza, the clubs for me have stayed the same but getting around is a whole lot safer and quicker.”

What nationality are the craziest people on the dancefloor?

“No one country in particular as everyobody who comes to Ibiza knows how to party without taking it too far. Fact.  But the noisiest ones will always be the Italians.”

Breakthrough artist of 2012?

“Solomun has been the one that everybody is screaming about. Let’s hope he is more selective next year and play once a week on the Island instead of twice or sometimes three times. But for me this has to be Maceo Plex – he is great and his production is out of this world. We had him in the club at the start of the summer and he was great. There has been so many who have really smashed it this year which is good to see.”

If you had to pick one person to go out clubbing with in Ibiza, who would it be?

“That’s a tricky one. You would have to choose someone who will last the till the end of the night and also will not put you in a coffin before the night is halfway through, so I’m going to have to say Johnny Depp – just a all round cool guy.”

What is your favourite memory of Ibiza 2012?

“Would have to be when we did the party with Enter v Cadenza on the Thursday night and built the tunnel between Ushuaia and Space. This was a big stepping stone for club politics on the Island and it shows that we can all work together to give the people who want to party a great night out with two of the best venues on the Island.”

And finally, tell us about your first trip to the white isle…

“This was in 1999 when I went there to work as a holiday rep, need I say anymore.”