Zona – Jesus Is (from album ‘Peace, Love & Understanding’ ) (70x7 Records)

‘Peace, Love & Understanding’ is the silky smooth debut album from LA based band Zona. Gospel vibes are a plenty as Chellena Back closes out the album on the brilliant Gospel high ‘Jesus Is’.

L’Equipe Du Son – Ultrasonic Love Waves (Silhouette Music)

The debut album Ultrasonic Love Waves by L’Equipe Du Son defines not one single genre or style but a mixture between glo-fi, disco and tech house, an album inspired by L’Equipe Du Son’s love of 80s teen flicks and 70s sci-fi.


Tensnake – Desire  (True Romance)

On the A side, Tensnake brings us a slow and low 112bpm dancefloor burner, Desire is a dreamy groove with hazy vocals, airy guitar and exotic synths that will stick to you like glue. The flipside, Fantasma, is a trippy acid disco number infused with oriental influences. Flirting with Balearic and psychedelia, this record sees Tensnake going off the beaten path and sets the tone for his label True Romance.c and psychedelia, this record sees Tensnake going off the beaten path and sets the tone for what should be a great year in music for him and his label True Romance.

John Grant – Voodoo Dol (Belle Union)

The most unlikely man to get funky, with its angular funk, you’ll wish John Grant would make a voodoo doll of you and feed it some homemade chicken soup and put it in a corduroy jumpsuit. It’s like LCD Soundsystem with less arch cynicism and more big-hearted bear-hugs.

Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s – Metal Taste/Bajo La Luna (Skint Records)

‘Metal Taste,’ is a trippy and woozy affair with intoxicating vocals and reggae rhythms at its core. ‘Bajo La Luna’ a more intense and uptempo cut with acid lines, scattered toms and coarse claps making for a driving tech ride.

Missing – Karma – ‘Off My Mind EP’ (Ft Jamie George & Heidi Vogel) (Urban Habitat Recordings)

Urban Habitat Recordings is the brand new label of acclaimed Jungle and breaks producer, Missing, set up as a platform to showcase innovative new sounds that transcend all aspects of the dance music spectrum. ‘Off My Mind EP’ oozes cool and comes loaded with 4 diverse forward thinking cuts for the floor, each with it’s own very unique flavour. The EP title track features the much in demand UK vocal talents of Jamie George, who delivers an intense spoken word over a captivating Deep House piano lead groove, immersed in a bubble bath of melancholy. ‘Time 4 House’ is a dynamic four-to-the-floor bass driven power jam, armed with moody bass licks, punchy 90’s style beats, teased with cut up vocal samples and tension filled breaks. Flipping the script, ‘Bun & Cheese’ is 5 glorious minutes of experimental Dub and Jungle influenced House with it’s rolling bass, airy synth washes and sublime beat science. Finishing off the package with bang, ‘Karma’ features the  unmistakeable sound of Heidi Vogel, who delivers a Soulful power-vox over a huge slab of Electro-tinged heaven!


Freaks ‘Let’s Do It Again Pt.2’ (Soul Clap) (Music For Freaks)

The much in demand Boston Disco inspired duo, Soul Clap, rework Diz Washington’s vocals from Freaks’ ‘Washing Machine’ and funk them up to within an inch of their beautifully original understated life, delivering a crisp, futuristic and downright freaky grooveathon.

Oli Warriner – Static (inc AWITW, Koncret Cutz and Sinchi Music remixes) (Night Noise Music)

AWITW remixes with real style. His take on the track is full of mood and rolling drums, more distant, muttered vocals and soulful synths that bring light to the darkness all around.

I-Robots – Kind of Intrigue (The Cosmic Disco remixes) (Opilec Music)

Continuing with a series that focusses on brilliant remixes of I-Robots originals, Opilec Music now bring together two more Italian legends of the scene in Alexander Robotnick and Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi. They both turn out reworks of  ‘Kind of Intrigue’ from 2009 as part of an on going project that is all based around the impact of Isaac Asimov’s Laws of Robotics and features art by Tamami Saito.

House Of Life / DGF – Hans With No Pants/Greif Meine Hand (House Is OK)

“Hans With No Pants” tells the story of a guy who likes to party with kids, eat cake and serve cool drinks. He lives in a house by the beach and invites guests to dance with him, but what goes on in his basement remains an unspoken mystery.


Mius – Strobe and Noise feat. Kasia Kowalczyk (Album) (Sonar Kollektiv)

Jazzanova’s acclaimed electronic outlet Sonar Kollektiv is delighted to announce ‘Eigengrau’, a new album from close label associate Mïus.

C-Jay – BackSlider Parts 1-6 (Bedrock)

The mini-LP is a 1-hour musical experience split into 6 distinctive parts. Whilst not entirely strictly downtempo in style, Parts 1-6 are diverse movements of atmospheric ambient electronica of the highest order – contemplative, hypnotic, enthralling journeys, with so many wondrous elements that repeated listening always brings new, previously unnoticed parts to the fore.

Severino & Farley – Music Fills The Air (Incl. Hard Ton & Man Without A Clue Remix) (SoSure Music)

Italy’s Hard Ton on remix duties, and the duo turn in a raw interpretation led by dusty analogue drums, mesmeric piano lines, squelching 303 licks and snippets from the original’s vocal lines.


Deep Tenor City – Fireheart \ The Present (feat. Antonio Ocasio) (BBE)

‘Fireheart’ begins with a 21st century disco-house feel, complete with boogie bass-line and poignant stabs. Astounding live percussion takes the track toward a climax to light up any dance-floor. Second track ‘The Present’, a collab with NYC’s Antonio Ocasio, brings together lush, haunting chords, complex percussion from Oli Savill and José Claussell, intriguing spoken word vocals and clever interplay between rhodes and flute solos.



My Favorite Robot – Magneto (Kezokichi Remix) (My Favorite Robot Records)

Kezokichi a Japanese DJ, producer and label owner, here, really impresses with an excellent remix of ‘Magneto’ that is poised and playful, with one finger bass stabs and libidinous vocals making for a reserved, patient cut that oozes love.



Cassius – Action ft. Cat Power, Mike D (Interscope Records)

A return to Cassius’s classic house and funky disco sound, with Beastie Boys member Mike D, who provides robust and playful rap verses while Cat Power’s Chan Marshall coos the chorus.

Cassius - Action ft. Cat Power, Mike D


Stephen Lopkin – The Strategic Steam Reserve (Titanic City)

The succulent ‘Semaphore Hill’ is a misty eyed and nostalgic deep house cut with tumbling toms and pinging drums that expose Lopkin’s love of hardware sounds. Tender and emotive, it has crisp hi hats and twinkling melodies that have you gazing off into the future.




SofaTalk – F-airy Dust EP (ft. Kris Tidjan) (Roots Underground Records)

Sulfites’, an intro track with oscillating synths and quivering chords that unravels across its three-minute duration. ‘Dance Of The Cranes’ then delivers a cacophony of light percussive elements whilst serene notes operate throughout. Finally, ‘Fairy Dust’ features Kris Tidjan’s impassioned vocal to forge a poignant production that nods towards classic Detroit house.

Claudio Coccoluto – THEDUB107 (The Dub6)

Claudio Coccoluto continues the return of his “The Dub” imprint with three original tracks, without ever leaving the tribal and mystical flavour.


Pablo Sanchez – All You Need EP (Galaktika)

‘A‘All You Need’ fuses together the bright melody of Sanchez’s original and his own strengths, a surging background bassline leads while dramatic oscillating synths meander taking things darker with an increased low end drone fluttering around the sparse percussion. The final number on this EP, Dima Studitzky’s remix is a floaty affair playing on increased pitch alterations this rendition neatly plays to the drama of the original.


Tedd Patterson – Synco / Luv Muscle (SoSure Music)

‘Synco’ a robust house workout led by weighty rhythms, hooky vocal lines, stuttering stab hits and ghostly pad lines meandering around the depths of the record, a penetrating sub bass hook to further fuel the infectious feel of things. ‘Luv Muscle’ an equally hypnotic number yet focused on a more murky, dubbed out tip with echoing dub stabs, crunchy broken percussion while sporadic low end tones and piano chords ebb and flow throughout.


Sebastien Fauvel – Obsession (Follentez Records)

A slow burning cosmic jam that flowers into a melodically rich track full of wide open intergalactic spaces, colourful guitar riffs and classic vocals. The bass is sure to sweep up floors and carry them off to another universe and the production values are expertly high.

Dorsia – Anxious – Chateau D’if (Southern Fried Records)

Chateau D’if’ is deep and atmospheric, with moody chords and a spacious groove. On the flip, ‘Anxious’ is a love laced house tune with big chords, slinky percussion and rubber kicks that will win over any main room crowd.

youANDme – PPPPP (Rhythm Cult)

Bouncy genius.. now dance! A truly compelling house track with an effortlessly groovy feel, disco fried stabs and smooth wood block hits that glide the thing along. It is party starting yet subtle, big yet clever and has some firing vocal samples to really set the track alight.

Antenna Happy – Memory Tracks EP (Discotexas)

Joyus EP The brilliant ‘Brute Harmony’ is the heavy heart of the EP. This is how Nathan Pope sees the darkest side of dance music; a hallucinogenic excursion that glues techno and disco into some dramatic, synth-driven narcotic sound that will have ‘floors in raptures. Across all three track here, Antenna Happy showcases a real breadth and depth of style that makes this another standout EP for artist and label.

Madhouse Ibiza 2016 – Various Artists (Madhouse)

As always with Madhouse the compilation treats us to an array of soul-laden and energy fuelled house music with some notable names like Till Von Sein, who opens the compilation with his smooth hypnotic number ‘Daze’ led by chiming marimba and wandering harp patterns. Watergate’s La Fleur takes things into darker realms with ‘Vervain’ via chuggy bass hits, swirling vocal licks and murky atmospheric textures, while JammHot lays the focus on fluttering Rhodes, a snaking square wave bass hook and hooky vocal

Nils Noa feat Mari Boine – Nu duohta – So true (Of Norway Version) (Universal Music Norway)

Of Norway, aka the duo Chris Lynch and Vegard Wolf Dyvik of Darkroom Dubs ,with heir remix is propped up by a rugged baseline and proud kick drums. Thundering claps and broody synths all add real tension, which is only added to by an ethereal vocal up top. Dark yet inviting, it is a fine rework.

vs. Mode – Retired Dreams EP (Lower East)

‘Hate Thy Neighbour’ lays down a hypnotic groove from the start, bringing a snaking sub bass hook and crunchy percussion into the limelight while sporadic bass licks, vocal murmurs and ethereal synth textures ebb and flow throughout the composition.

Smash TV – Nishiki (My Favorite Robot Records)

‘Nishiki’ offers yet another side to the versatile Smash TV sound, this one is slow and deep cut, with pixelated melodies delicately balanced on top of soft wooden hits. Some melancholic chords light up the backdrop and as it slowly rumbles on it will cast all in its wake under its hypnotic spell.

Sinchi Music – Never Found (Oli Warriner Remix) (Night Noise Music)

Oli Warriner, cooks up a loose limbed and invitingly flabby cut with searching synths, wobbling drums and jiggling percussion that will have you doing the same.

Freestyle Man – Wave EP (Moodmusic)

Freestyle Man, aka Klas-Henrik Lindblad, better known as Sasse, serves up four brand new cuts that prove why he is as essential now as when he first started out more than 20 years ago.

< h4>Moderna Y Theus Mago – Lumiere Noire 03 (Kill The DJ)

Three tracks of pure modern techno, first up ‘Dog Is Calling You’ is an expanding slow mixture of acid & techno sounds, ‘Papa En Roy’ has something effective & functional creating classic techno with an obsessive and repetitive bassline further fuelled  by Moderna’s vocals. ‘Asesino Psicotico’  fuses techno energy with a house-tinged groove. Dog Is Calling You (Die Wilde Jagd Remix) then closes the package and the band have reworked Moderna y Theus Mago to perfection bringing something more organic to this technoid track.’’

Art In Motion – The Green House Jam EP (Union Jack Records)

Track three, ‘Cycles’ lays down a heady bassline accompanied by various otherworldly atmospherics.

Peggy Gou – Art Of War (II) EP (incl. Terekke Remix) (Rekids)

First of the three tracks Jen High’ boasts a heady bassline whilst quivering synths make way for serene key melodies. ‘When Round, They Go’ then deploys robust kicks as ebbing pads join acid licks, before Germany’s Terekke provides a floating rendition comprised of soaring atmospherics and jazzy aesthetics.