The trance master returns with the stunning ‘The Sum Of Its Parts’

There are certain things in the world of dance music today that we take for granted. When we feel an emotion from a synthesizer, we accept it as inevitable — as always having been there. Those who were alive to witness the revolution will know that this wasn’t always the case. Somewhere between cheesy 80s snares and today’s flourishing scene, a handful of pioneers paved the way for literally everything we love about dance music today. Chicane is such a figure, and his impact can’t be overestimated. Now, the legend is back with a brand new studio album — ‘The Sum Of Its Parts’. Dan Prince gets the lowdown…


Nick a massive welcome back to DMCWORLD – where on the planet are you today?

“Hey Dan, I am in the studio finishing mixes of the next single and generally going nutz doing interviews….ahh, this is one!!!”

Well thank you for making time for us! So exciting times for you right now with the release of your brand new album ‘The Sum Of It’s Parts’ – what a stunning long player dude…congratulations. The album is being billed by your press company as “A history of dance music in one album”. How though would you sum it up in a sentence or two?

“It’s a collection of songs and dance stompers woven together to form more than just a collection of singles. It has a flow and some meaning in this age of ‘cherry picking’ hence the title…”

So 12 tracks of delightfulness, please give us a few words on each of your babies…

Chicane – Église

An opener of muted epic voices drifiting

Chicane & Ferry Corsten feat. Lisa Gerrard – 38 Weeks

Very special, haunting and evolving tune with a goddess on vocals

Chicane feat. Paul Aiden – Oxygen

Probably the best ‘song’ on the album for me

Chicane & Ferry Corsten feat. Christian Burns – One Thousand Suns

Magical tune and collaboration, set for some new mixes maybe

Chicane feat. City Lies & Manu Zain – Tuesdays

Subtle, moving downtempo collab

Chicane feat. Bo Bruce – Still With Me (Disco Citizens Mix)

Love this, love the vocals of Bo, a much loved tune this one!

Chicane feat. Duane Harden – One More Time

Sung by the big man himself…

Chicane – Fibreglasses – Proggy

Building instrumental club banger

Chicane feat. Lisa Gerrard – Orleans

Lisa Gerrard returns on this moody chugger

Chicane feat. Paul Aiden – Motion

Club stomper with the wonderful Paul Aiden on vox

Chicane feat. Senadee – No More I Sleep (Disco Citizens Rockin’ Mix)

Melodic song/club tune

Chicane feat. Christian Burns – Photograph

“A big song, with my good friend ‘Burnsy’ back on vocal duties.”

How long did the album take to create – I hear it took quite some time to tie down Lisa Gerrard?

“Seems to have taken way too long and I’m still not happy with some of it…but this is quite usual. Lisa took something like 4 years to make work….yeah, but she is a legend…”

 What track gave you the most headaches to complete…?

“Umm, dunno really, they all took place over such a long period of time it’s hard to single out a rotter…”

From all of the contributors on the album, who’s ability or work in the studio took you by surprise a little?

“Paul Aiden who sings Oxygen and Motion is going to be something special, when we write together a magic seems to happen…”

Your perfect sunset setting with the perfect sunset track would be…?

“So many Ibiza sunsets are seared into my memory, so we better be there…and playing on the decks is Vangelis – Tears In The Rain…”

Your live sets are something of legend in the world of dance music. Who though is the best live band you have ever seen…?

“Probably U2 or Bryan Adams for sheer ability to come close to the original sound recordings. That said,  acts like Kasabian and The Killers are pretty special and thrive on stage.” 

What are the next plans for the album tour?

“Well, we will be doing a very special show at Koko on the 20th Feb and hope to do more over the year, but it’s massively expensive to move the big band around. I will be touring with the smaller band, DJing everywhere and also adding to my ‘Sun:sets’ show residency in Dubai.”

Your first album in 1997 was entitled ‘Far From The Maddening Crowds’…where is your perfect place to do such a thing and get some peace and quiet?

“Up a mountain, not too far from my back door!”

A celebrity you would not want to get stuck in a lift with?

“Pitbull, sonic criminal that he is. Oh and also any of the Kardashians…vacuous individuals..”

When was the last time you pressed rewind and listened to a track over again because it was so damned good?

“Chuvches – Gun.”

Tell us 3 bucket list adventures you wanna do before you die? –

“Compete in the RAC rally, max out a Mclaren P1/F1, fly on Concord (bit tricky this one).”

A Christmas present you received that went straight to the back of the cupboard?

“Jane Fonda fitness DVD…please!!”

The last amazing film you saw?

“Sonatine starring Takeshi Kitano.”

And finally…what is your next studio commitment?

Collabs with Markus Schultz and Roger Shah, Keeno and Grum.”


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