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It’s Time for some after hours grooving…

“It is impossible for me to break down my all time favourite home listening songs in a top 10… There are so many I would like to include in this list, but I have broken it down to the ones that I felt like listening to at the time of putting this together and which represent a tiny portion of the kind of music that has influenced me over the years…”


Forss – Soulhack

One of many great albums I was introduced to through my older brother was “Forss – Soulhack”. I loved the intricate sampling he used. “Flickermood” was another of my favourites from the Album. Little side note for those who don’t already know – Forss aka Eric Wahlforss is also one of the founders of Soundcloud.


Wu Tang Clan – C.R.E.A.M. 

When I was about 14 I was first introduced to german Hip Hop. That was just the beginning of a long love. Wu Tang and many others have stayed with me since then.


Dusty Springfield – Spooky 

One thing I share with Guy Ritchie is his taste in music. I first remember hearing this in my early teens in one of his film classics “Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels”.


Fela Kuti – Water No Get Enemy

Fela was my introduction to Afrobeat (thanks to my brother). I love the complex rhythms and the soul in his music. It puts me in a great space every time I listen to it.


Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall Part 2

I remember when I first actively heard Pink Floyd I was amazed. This was during my last 2 years at School in Scotland. A very good friend later gave me the film “The Wall”.


The Stone Roses – Fools Gold 

When I first heard Ian Brown’s voice I loved it. This was one of my favourites.


Jamie xx – Sleep Sound

One modern act that I find very inspiring. I love his detailed productions.


Squarepusher – Squarepusher Theme 

I first heard Squarepusher when I was about 16 in art class at school. Our teacher put on his album “Feed Me Weird Things”. I was amazed by what I heard…


Fatboy Slim – Praise You 

Norman Cook was one of the reasons I fell in love with electronic music. I was introduced to his music through Steve aka Monkey Magic who was our youth worker in the place I grew up in Scotland. He was the DJ and the organizer of the first parties I went to. Thank you Steve!


RJD2 – Smoke & Mirrors 

RJD2 was also hugely inspiring for me. I was given his first 2 albums “Deadringer” and “Since We Last Spoke” around 2005. I listened to them an uncountable amount of times.



MOTSA – Time (Southern Fried Records)

Hotly tipped producer MOTSA drops a brand new EP on Southern Fried Records… Viennese producer Varerio Dittrich aka MOTSA has been building a sterling reputation over the last year with his unique take on bass driven electronic music. Remixes for Sasha’s Last Night on Earth label and a track on his Mixmag covermount, a ‘Top 50 tracks of the year’ inclusion from Beatport, and an appearance at Red Bull Music Academy’s Bass Camp have all come in a short space of time. Now he is set to join the highly respected Southern Fried Records imprint for the release of ‘Time’, early in 2015. The EP kicks off with the subtley soulful ‘Digital World’, a delightful broken beat excursion into a melodic, bass fuelled soundscape. Skittering drum patterns, funk laden keys and swirling vocal cuts morph together to form a track with real depth and feeling and showcase the producers undoubted talent from the off.

Next up we have ‘Time Goes On’, an ethereal fusion of FX drenched piano stabs, rumbling sub bass and uplifting vocals that springs to life with an effortless musicality. Hypnotic and heartfelt, the record shows’ the influence of Dittrich’s time on the UK bass scene, whilst living in Scotland some years back, but also transcends any simple pigeonholing with it’s elegant production and rich textural palet, quality stuff. Penultimate cut ‘Clocks’ sees MOTSA team up with MIMU for a vocal led affair that is as smooth and seductive as you could want, awash with warms pads and deep bass. The package is closed with the wonderful ‘Time Out’ which takes a rougher and tougher approach with it’s sawtooth bass and steppin’ percussion. Synth stabs, pianos and vocal snippets all bring an atmospheric quality to the mix and the end result is a perfect final offering for this stunning EP. Southern Fried Records have hit a perfect note once again with this latest offering from the highly promising MOTSA. 

MOTSA – Time (Southern Fried Records) is out on 9th February 2015