Ciaran McAuley

Ciaran McAuley is a DJ/producer fast on the rise and further evidence of his growing stature in the trance scene comes in the form of an official remix for the legendary Ferry Corsten. ‘Blueprint’ was the title track from Ferry’s 2017 album of the same name and Ciaran’s remix is now proudly presented as arguably the highlight of the ‘Blueprint Remixed’ package. Ciaran takes Ferry’s mesmerising melody from the original and injects his own unique blend of energised basslines, soaring synths and an epic breakdown to make this a surefire dancefloor hit again for 2018. DMCWORLD checks in…



Ciaran a huge welcome to DMCWORLD…where on planet earth are you today?

Thank you for having me! I’m currently at home in North Yorkshire, after a busy few weeks gigging I’ve got some time off before I head to Ireland for a short tour…

Best piece of new music you have heard this week?

Funny I haven’t left the studio all week, so I haven’t heard anything new other than my own projects….which I am super excited about!

Exciting times for you right now thanks to your amazing remix of Ferry Corsten’s ‘Blueprint’ out now on Flashover. Please talk us through your sterling rework…

Over the past few years I’ve had the privilege to play alongside Ferry and last year at Creamfields UK after the show we sat having a drink together and Ferry tells me how much he loves my music, then he pops the question… Little did I know it was going to be the album title track. To be honest the original track is darker than I would normal go for, so it had me stepping outside my comfort zone a tad.

Have you had any feedback from the big man himself?

He’s not that tall…😜 Yeah, I’ve became quite close with him and his label recently. Ferry is really digging my sound and gives my music a lot of support, I heard that he played three tracks of mine in a show last week in the states! I do plan to get some music out on Flashover soon.

Nice. Okay let’s rewind for a moment. What is your earliest memory of music as a child?

A trip down memory lane…I grew up in a loving home full of music, either mum or my older sister blasting music around the house, especially during the dreaded Sunday cleaning chores haha!

Was your dream always to make it in the world of music or was there ever anything else that interested you career wise?

I left school with not much other than a great art qualification, so I went to art collage but shortly realized it was only a good opportunity for me to mess around and make no income. After a few months I started working with my step father as a motor mechanic which I really enjoyed. While still working in the car trade I found health and fitness which turned my life around, I was gymming twice a day and studying personal development in my spare time, at one point I wanted to be a life coach! Through the years I’ve also learnt I have an additive personality ha ha, an obsessive drive towards what ever I channel my thoughts.

How did dance music first enter your world?

It was actually my older brother that steered me into the music industry. I remember the very first gig he brought me to, it was Creamfields UK at the age of 16! After that I was hooked, I even got the Cream logo tattooed on my chest at that age. I was using his ID to get into clubs and events around the UK underage. It’s crazy to think all those clubs and festivals year after year I attended, now to play them alongside the guys I once obsessed over.

When you decided to go alone from your Walsh&McAuley partnership you famously locked yourself away for three years to teach yourself everything in the studio. What was the hardest part of that process?

The music itself was fun, they say happiness comes from progress and each day in the studio I was progressing and still am! Getting the support has been hard, it’s a tough industry and it is still a battle. I have learnt to just keep moving forward and be conscious of your thoughts each day.

Early dance music inspirations?

Back to my obsessive behavior ha ha…! Mr. Paul Oakenfold was my idol, I was obsessed with everything he did. I can’t believe what he achieved back then to the scale he did with no social media, huge!

The 3 big tunes in your box this weekend…

Ciaran McAuley meets Azam Ali & Jeff Rona – Serenity (FSOE)
This is my new baby, many times while working on this track I had to pull myself together…it’s emotional, it takes me away.

Aly & Fila ft Sue McLearn – Surrender (FSOE)
I remember listening to Aly & Fila live @ Tomorrowland and hearing this vocal track…“WOW what is that” It really touched me, I knew from the sounds it was a track of their own. Shortly after I played alongside Fadi at Dutch Festival Electronic Family and heard him play it, and again I was away with it, beautiful track!

David Forbes ft Emma Gillespie – Shadows (Cold Blue Remix) (Subculture)
We all have those moments when you hear a track out and It blows you away…This is one that hit me big time, again at Electronic Family, from then It has been in my sets, it’s a track that fits perfect with my sound.

With so much great music flowing around the world it would be understandable for your musical productions to deviate. But no, trance was and always be your genre of choice. Why?

To be honest I have such broad taste in music, I listen to everything and I mean everything! I wouldn’t be far wrong saying I much prefer a techno or progressive night out, I love listening to guys like Adam Beyer, Richie Hawtin, Lane 8 – my favorite DJ would probably be Eric Prydz. I feel trance got so sidetracked from what I fell in love with years back – but saying that, I’m in the studio making the music I call “trance”.

What is coming out next from you studio wise…?

Next up is my remix of Paul Oakenfold ft. Lizzy Land – Waterfall. I give this track what I would call old Walsh & McAuley feel which really works but I wasn’t sure how it would go down in the clubs though it has become a highlight in my sets ha ha, a track everyone has been asking about after my shows

Some big dates in your summer DJ diary…

Ha ha, I’m not sure if I am allowed to mention just yet guys sorry but lets just say I have an exciting summer lined up 😉

And finally, what is the one piece of advice you can offer to the thousands of budding producers out there reading this?

Never give up, It’s a battlefield! Keep moving forward, find things that inspire you and use them as fuel. Use the internet for something good, learn from it! Tutorials are all over the net, have a question? Search google or YouTube.