With over 1.5 million Spotify plays, 500,000 YouTube plays, 55,000 Shazams, heavy radio support across the board and some solid remixes from George Kwali and DJ Maphorisa, there’s no denying that CLiQ’s debut, Wavey, is hitting the spot. But who exactly are CLiQ? We caught up with the duo to find out a bit more about what could be 2017’s most exciting curveball release.


Let’s start at the beginning – how did the CLiQ collaboration come about?

We are two great friends who had fun in the studio and the first tune we did together was actually “Wavey”.

For those who haven’t heard it, how would you describe your new track, “Wavey”?

Chunky house, in your face and with a memorable hook, which makes you wanna have fun

Wavey seems to be hitting all the right buttons at the moment, has the response been as you expected?

We are so happy with the response so far. The love for the record has been great to feel.


Spotify has played a big part in the track’s success to date – have you both embraced streaming as artists?

We are both geeks who love technology, so we’ve gotta embrace the future. There is a lot of weight on streaming these days, so big up to everyone for supporting and adding us to their playlists. Keep adding “Wavey”.

Can you tell us a bit about the writing process for “Wavey”?

“Wavey” came about very organically. We did the backing track initially and met Alika at a party. We loved her energy, so we sent her the track and she laid down a topline. However, we all felt the chorus didnt work, so we suddenly thought of a chorus we had already done, one day whilst driving to a gig with one of our mates, Herbie Crichlow, where we came up with what essentially became the chorus to “Wavey”. Luckily it fit the record and we all loved it.

Alika provides the incredible vocals for this one – do you prefer working with vocalists?

We essentially like vibes; Alika felt so right and her pocket was crazy so it all came together nicely. We love working with like-minded people who are in it for the music because that way the end result is always gonna be dope.

How would you describe the CLiQ sound?

Big and chunky-sounding house.

You’ve both been involved in other projects before this – how is CLiQ different?

It has all just been so organic and every time we go in the studio, we make a huge sounding track…at least we think so lol.

What can we expect to hear next from CLiQ?

More big records (we hope). We are preparing an arsenal of tunes at the moment…


CLiQ – Wavey is available now http://smarturl.it/CLiQ-Wavey

George Kwali remix: https://open.spotify.com/embed/album/48o0eDtWvsVY6wVZWTBwIk

DJ Maphorisa remix: https://open.spotify.com/embed/track/61vt3Cdx5P3Tc9NRdz6fs0