Curbi’s music has been described as naturally polarizing. As persistent as his music is, his audience doubles in dedication and stamina. Here we check in with the on fire UK producer as he releases his brand new collab with Hasse de Moor on Heldeep Records….


Interview by Dan Prince


Curbi a big welcome back to DMCWORLD. Where on this crazy planet are you today young man?

Yooo! Thanks for having me again I’m in Japan right now, got 2 shows coming up, 1 in Tokyo and 1 in Osaka!

What is the best piece of new music you have heard since rolling out of bed?

Vindata + Skrillex + NSTASIA – Favor! Really digging this track at the moment.

You hail from the town of Halstead in Essex, a place known as the birthplace of 18th century Dummy The Witch. How did you celebrate Halloween this year and how do you deal with trick or treaters?

Haha actually this year was the first time I wasn’t at home. I played in Prague for a Halloween party and then I flew straight to Japan! No trick or treaters for me!

Loads going on in Curbiworld right now, none more exciting than the new track on Spinnin’ with Hasse de Moor. Please talk us through the sound and history of LYM…

Hasse & I have worked on a lot of collabs together and they’re all super fun…however we were sat in the studio together one day and came up with this cool idea. We literally finished the full track idea in one day and then finalised it super fast! This track specifically doesn’t have much behind the track, we were just looking for something fun & weird to play out live, and so we came up with LYM!

How was ADE this year, everyone is saying it was the best yet…

Yesss!! ADE this year was amazing…super busy but I had a lot of fun. I believe I did around 7 shows this year, so it was kinda hectic, but that’s always good fun! There’s also nothing better than seeing my friends who I don’t see much, but with ADE everyone comes together and it’s amazing!

What was the one song you heard everywhere?

Most probably Post Malone – Rockstar…too good to not be played by everyone haha.

Last month saw you embark on your first ever North America tour. How did it go and what were some of your take home memories…?

It was amazing! I have wanted to play there for so long now…and of course I have quite a lot of my fans over there who haven’t seen any show from me yet, so was super fun to be there! Hahaha, I actually got my first tattoo there, so that will be a memory forever.

What is coming out next from you studio wise?

I have a new solo track which is coming later this month which I cannot waaaait to release. Super clubby track and I think a lot of my fans will love it because it’s really my sound! After that I have a lot of other stuff coming, my schedule is becoming more and more full, so happy!

An up n coming producer we should be watching out for in 2018?

Difficult question, there’s a lot of people I could recommend, but at the moment I would say you should be watching out for Hasse de Moor (below), obviously a great friend of mine and he’s working on some seriously next level stuff! Keep an eye out for him because he will be smashing it very very soon.

What are the big 3 tunes in your box this weekend…

Kendrick Lamar – Humble (Skrillex Remix) – Super clean production & an overall amazing remix!

Yellow Claw & Juyen Sebulba – Do You Like Bass? (Dither Remix) – Super mad & literally no limits on this one, so so good!

GTA – Saria’s Turn Up – Nothing but high energy in this one & I love the phat sounds!!

We know you love a good festival! Best of the summer and most spine tingling moment?

One of my favourite festivals this year was for sure a festival that I played at in Czech Republic, Machac Festival! This was probably the most high energy crowd I have played to at a festival so far, and in general the whole event was so so good. Definitely one of my favourite places that I have played at so far! Aaaaand of course playing at Tomorrowland was an absolute absurd and sick experience, I never ever thought I’d be playing at such a renowned festival ever haha. Definitely a spine tingling moment!

And finally, Christmas is around the corner – what are you hoping from Santa this year?

A new studio would be decent!