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The kings of Naples turning the lights down

Welcome to DMCWORLD Magazine. Another superb production team coming from Naples in Italy who are having another wonderful year. You are creating havoc on the summer dancefloors at the moment with ‘Turn The Lights Down’ which can be heard everywhere you go. Tell us a little about the history of this track and the reception you received when you first played it out…

“We’ve been working with David Guetta for a while and we were looking for the “right one” to release on Jack Back, when we finished this track in the studio we felt it was the right one. Then when we saw David in Miami during the WMC, he was really excited about it! So he did a fantastic re work and here we go!”

What is coming next from the mighty Daddy’s Groove studio?

“Actually we’re working on several things, a remix for B.O.B. ft. Taylor Swift and another one for Smiler ft. Professor Green, then we are also planning another release together with David Guetta, “In My Head”, which should be out later in the summer and, at the same time, we are working on a collaboration with Benny Benassi. We are working on lots of forthcoming releases at the moment.”

Your formed in 2006, Carlo and Gianni were already household names in Italy through your DJing. Why did you decide to form a trio?

“We already did some collaborations together before, so we realised we could be a good team and the rest is history…”

How would you say your production style has changed since 2006?

“It’s been a long way, and our style has gone towards a more club oriented sound.  Our trips to Ibiza have been inspiring and kept us in touch with a lot of producers as well as helped us getting a more “international” sound.”

What was your first breaks into the music industry?

“Gianni and Livio (our partner in crime) started to run our label, Test Pressing Records, back in 2001. They signed some great anthems for Italy as Gadjo – So Many Times and some early productions by Chris Lake, Pete Heller, Funk Marauders, Dj Rooster and Sammy Peralta (it was Shake It, with a remix by a very young Steve Angello) giving the label an international profile, and from this, we decided to move into the production field building our own studio, in the back of our office.”

Who were your early DJ heroes?

“Back in the days we had many influences, we’d say Daft Punk over all, they really changed the dance music, or Danny Tenaglia that was the typical “DJ” dominating the clubs. At the start of our career as Daddy’s Groove we got a lot of experience and help from Axwell, we did a lot of collaborations with him and he was really important for us growing. And then David Guetta who really changed things for us.”

What is the current top 10 you are spinning?

“Apart our stuff, we support a lot our friends such as Benny Benassi and Congorock, then of course David Guetta, Nicky Romero (this guy is on fire!). Alesso that is really talented too. We’re also playing Superlove by Avicii & Lenny Kravitz  lot and a lot of exclusive mash-ups we do for our DJ set. Cryogenix are new and really good too.”

You are residents at David Guetta’s F*** Me I’m Famous at Pacha in Ibiza – how has that been for you, how are you enjoying it?

“It is one of the best experiences we have had so far! We had the honour to play at the season opening and it was such a fantastic party! A magic atmosphere!”

You are no strangers to Ibiza of course, why do you think Ibiza is still the number 1 party destination in the world?

“Ibiza means “club culture”. The island has an history and it’s the centre of the world, you can find people from everywhere, all the love and the passion for the club culture (the real one) is concentrated here and people who love this understand that Ibiza is the place to be.”

Aside from Pacha, what is your favourite venue/club night on the island?

“We love Ushuaia a lot, it is a fresh news for the island, a different way to enjoy the party, it will be a great pleasure to play there in August.”

What is the best and worst thing about living in Naples?

“The best thing is the food, the weather is pretty good all year around and the city is beautiful but the worst thing is that sometimes people don’t care as much about our city as it deserves.”

How easy is it for you to all be in the same place at the same time to be able to get into the studio together?

“It is very easy for us because, this as out proper “job”. So, if we are not touring, we meet in studio in the morning and we work till the evening, every day!”

What is each other’s greatest quality when producing?

“There is a great balance between us and we have a lot of fun.”

How would you describe the ‘Daddy’s Groove touch’ when it comes to remixing?

“Usually we work on the remixes as a full production, we just use a few elements from the originals and we try to make them sound a bit different.”

You have remixed the likes of Kylie Minogue, Whitney Houston and James Blunt. What rework are you most proudest of?

“We’re really proud of the work we did on Whitney, such a great voice! And also the remix we did for Louie Vega and Julie McKnight “Diamond Life” that track is part of our history and we loved to do the remix. But overall we make sure we like all the work we do.”

Is there one artist or one song you would love to remix?

“Everything by Daft Punk.”

What is the song that changed your life?

“We have to say again Daft Punk, Around The World. And also all the stuff released on Roulè and Crydamoure, good times!”

Aside from your own (!!), what has been the anthem of the summer so far?

“The anthem of this summer so far is Superlove by Avicii and Lenny Kravitz. Thanks DMC, keep the good music flag high!”

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