Another massive release from the Dutch destroyer

The producer we once knew as DJ Funkadelic is now known on the world stage as Dannic. With an impressive collection of amazing releases already under his belt supported by the likes of Tiesto and Hardwell, the word on the street is that Dannic is the next Dutch superstar, Dan Prince gets the exclusive as he releases another major dancefloor explosion…

Welcome to DMCWORLD young man – what a 2012 you are having! Let’s kick off with ‘Tombo’, absolutely massive everywhere – tell us the history of the tune…

First of all, thanks so much for having me. ‘Tombo’ is a track I did in one day. I had some bookings in my home country The Netherlands and needed a special tune to get people dancing and going crazy. Although ‘Tombo’ is a little different from what I produce normally, it is simple, but yet very energetic. It always works when I play it.”

You once said, “knowing how to produce doesn’t make you a good producer”. So what does…?

“In my opinion a good producer knows what will work on the dancefloor or on the radio. When I’m working on a project I see the crowd in front of me. So I’m constantly thinking will they respond or dance to this rhythm, melody or whatever. I make music for the people, not for myself.”

What is the current top 10 you are spinning?

1) Dannic – Tombo
2) Avicii vs Deniz Koyu – Bong Into Darkness (Hardwell & Dannic MashUp)
3) Jordy Dazz & Dannic – Fuego
4) Franky Rizardo & Roul & Doors – Blackout
5) Dannic – Doster
6) Banji Boyz – Free Florida (Dannic Remix)
7) Wolfgang Gartner – How Soon Is Red Line (Dannic MashUp)
8) Gregor Salto – Azumba
9) Dannic – Pipeline
10) Albyn Myers vs Anger Dimas – My Feelings For Hells Bells (Dannic MashUp)

‘Tombo’, ‘Kontiki’ and ‘Pipeline’ are three of your massive tunes of late – but tell us about what is around the corner, we hear you have a bunch of big tracks about to drop…

“Yeah, I honestly can’t wait to let you all hear the new upcoming stuff. Since this year I quitted my job to concentrate on my music career. Since that time I’m working hard in the studio to produce new original tunes and remixes. Currently I have 4 new original tracks ready and just finished my 5th remix for a major label. Hardwell recently played a unreleased track of mine at EDC Las Vegas. I’m really happy with that track. For me it’s the perfect follow up for my track ‘Doster’. Right now I’m working on a really big remix. So sorry I can’t tell you that much because it hasn’t been approved yet…”

You first emerged into the world of EDM in 2009 when you won the Dancetour DJ contest thanks largely to your rearrangement of Funkerman’s ‘Automatic’ monster. Today’s dance music world is incredibly difficult to break into with so much competition around – how would you advise aspiring DJs/producers reading this to make a name for themselves in 2012?

“It’s unbelievable how big the EDM scene is getting at the moment. Often said, but so true, DJ’s are becoming rock stars. Back in the day’s youngsters wanted to become famous soccer players, nowadays they buy a small dj set or computer and start producing, hoping to become a big DJ. This year it’s my 10th year as a DJ. I started as a 17 year old boy playing in a bar in my hometown Breda. I learned to mix all kinds of genres. From Earth Wind & Fire to 50cent and dance music. Years later I started producing because I wanted to play something different than other DJ’s. That’s when I entered the Remix competition for Funkerman. That’s when it all started getting serious. After that I was just working hard to get more productions. There is no particular recipe for making name. It all starts with making good music. I’m not here for the fast run. I waited with writing to record labels after I really knew I had a good track. That’s a key factor. Wait for the moment. Educate yourself and make sure your critical to yourself as well. If your music is good, you will get noticed. Believe me. It’s sad to see that a lot of upcoming producers make a song and than rapidly spread it on the net, waiting for feedback. That’s not how it works. My advice is to listen to a song you really love and compare your track. That will give you the proper feedback yourself.”

How much of an influence was your grandfather’s love of classical music to your style today?

“My grandfather always played some great classical music cds. I loved them. When i was young I sad right next and almost in to the speaker listening to the song. I think it helped me listening to other genres. When I look at my CD collection you can find all kinds of music. From Fleetwood Mac, Jamiroquai to classical music, The Rolling Stones, Adele etc. Music is my passion. I just love it. For me it helps me making different tracks every time. I’m really open-minded when it comes to music.”

You are very good friend’s and studio partner with Hardwell – what are his greatest qualities? Why do you gel so much?

“Robbert is one of my best friends. When we’re not in the studio, we’re playing games on the wii or enjoying a good night out in Breda. When it comes to music we are very critical to each other. If I don’t like a track or a certain sound I will tell him and vice versa. Robbert’s greatest quality in the studio is his sound. He is one of the best sounding producers I know. Even I don’t always know how he does it. He is very precise and know exactly how he want’s a track to sound and what the result should be. We share ideas every day. About new plugins to use or new tracks to edit. It’s great to have the same interest. His worst quality is making an egg. You don’t want him to do that. Great with CDJ’s, bad in the kitchen!”

Your style covers many genres of music, who were the early dance artists that you were listening to that influenced you growing up in Breda?

“Growing up in Breda I used to play a lot of funky, techy house. I always listened to everything Funkerman did. I’m still a huge fan of Funkerman and Fedde Le Grand. I love the shuffled beats from the early day’s. I grew up with that sound. They are real idols for me.”

Who are the big producers from around the world you are giving respect to at the moment?

“Maybe a little cliche, but definitely Axwell for his musicality and Tiesto still being the number 1 DJ in my opinion. He did it all.”

Everyone has a game plan – where do you want to be in 1 year – residencies / headlining festivals – a No. 1 album…?

“I hope to play a lot more than I do now. Eventually I do it for the crowd. DJ’ing is my second nature, I just enjoy every moment of it. So I hope to be on a lot stages. Doesn’t matter if it’s small or big. I’m happy where I play. Of course in the future I’d love to be headlining famous festivals or parties. Bring it on!”

Which superstar DJs have given you the biggest support and advice so far…?

“That has to be Hardwell and Tiesto. Hardwell is a true superstar. So professional at his age. He’s been where I am now. So that’s a huge inspiration for me. Tiesto supported a lot of my tracks and mashups already which is really a dream come true. I hope to release a track on Musical Freedom in the future.”

Best club you have ever rocked?

“To date Ministry Of Sound, London. Amazing atmosphere and the sound system is so great! Candy for the ear!”

Tell us about your studio set up…

“Really simple actually. I have a MacPro, 2  24″ screens, 2 Dynaudio monitor speakers and an E-Mu Keyboard. For producing I use Logic Pro 9 and I use UAD2 and Powercore hardware.”

Can you remember your first ever gig? What did you spin and how much did you get paid?

“My first gig was in my hometown Breda. I had to play 4 hours straight and got 40 euro for the whole evening.”

What are the big events you are looking forward to smashing this summer?

“I’m really looking forward playing Crete, Starbeach. I heard so much about that place. Always a amazing party!”

If you hadn’t have become a musician, what do you think you would have done with your life…?

“I graduated as an communications advisor. So that’s perhaps what I’d become. But my main goal in life is to enjoy everything I do. Think that counts for a lot of people as well.”

How do you chill out on a day off?

“Riding on my mountain bike, enjoying a movie, visiting family. if that fails, I just run upstairs and start producing music!”

What is the greatest record you have ever played to a dancefloor?

“For me personally it’s Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop till you get enough. Love that record!”

Craziest request you have ever had from a clubber whilst DJing?

“If I could play a birthday song and if I could grab the mic to congratulate Dave with his 24 birthday…”

What is on your DJ rider you request before a set?

“Just some beers, vodka, water, a towel and a minimum of 3 (working) cdj2000’s. And a mixer off course.”

And finally – can you recall the moment in your career to date when you realised, that yes, this is what I am going to do for the rest of my life…?

“That was not so long ago actually. I played in Lavo Las Vegas this June when I realised I had the best job in the world. My job is my passion. I’m blessed.”