Meet daZZla, he loves pink, he’s one of Ibiza’s top resident DJ’s rocking Pacha, Nassau Beach Club and Es Vive among many others and has a gorgeous new tune dropping on Favouritizm! Ratha Gud casts off for a cruise round the White Isle with the captain!

Hi daZZla, welcome to DMC World…where are you in the world right now?
Right now I’m by the sea in Marina Magna, Ibiza.
What was the first piece of music you heard today?
Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe
Where did you get your name from? 
The name “daZZla” was given to me by a guy called Ben Lawes when I was in high school. Ben was the most popular kid in school and I taught him how to play, so he used to call me 6 string daZZla.
How would you describe your sound?
I would describe my sound as eclectic, I grew up with Heavy Metal and Glam Rock. Then moved into 90 dance phaze at high school, studied classical and jazz and now I enjoy just about everything, and I play what I like.
You hail from OZ originally, What was the best thing about clubbing scene there and do you ever have thoughts to move back? 
The best thing was the culture of record shops, buying records and hearing new records that the other DJs would play and knowing it would be a month until your copy would arrive, that made the tracks very special. Now it’s just a click of a smart phone away. I doubt I will ever move back to Australia.
You’ve been living in Ibiza for over 10 years, firstly what made you move to Island.. and then stay so long? 
I packed up my bags 11 years ago, sold my house, broke up with my long term girlfriend, quit my job and left my career in hospitality and moved to Ibiza for the music. Why would I stay, who wouldn’t?! The electronic music culture has developed over a very long period of time to become the leader…and I love being a part of it
What was the first club you went to  in Ibiza and who was playing? 
Space on Sunday 2004, Carl Cox was on the outside car park arena stage.
You must have seen a lot of changes on the island over the years, what have been your most memorable moments? 
My first main room set at Pacha, meeting my wife, my first set at Space.
It’s an end of an era after 27 years with Space closing,  what’s been your favourite Space experience? 
My first one, you can never take someones virignity twice, clubbing or other.
When you’re not rocking the decks, what else do you get up to? 
I am heavily involved in the marine industry and spend the rest of my time on the studio.
We’ve been told daZZla loves pink.. How much pink have you got in your life?
I am always wearing one pink item, for the last 16 years, my cupboard is full of black and pink, and all the best things in life are pink, think about it boys.
You’re about to release your beautiful new single – a cover version of the classic Mads Arp ft Julie Harrington ‘Slow It Down’, tell us about the release and what made you choose this particular track to cover? 
My best mate Steen Thotrupp originally turned me onto the track and I loved it. It then popped up in my iTunes at home a few months ago and I thought to myself, I like it, but it’s time to “Slow It Down”
DAZZLA sleeve
Who would you most like to make a collaboration with? 
Maceo Plex
Who are your musical influences? 
From Metallica to MJ, from Kurt Elling to Kylie, I am always under the influence of music.
Best DJ so far of the season? 
The DJs at Woomoon
Big tunes of the moment…
I don’t have a top 5 or anything, just anything slow, deep, with percussion, organic noises and ethnic sounds interests me right now.
What’s your guilty pleasure record? 
The inside cover of Thriller.
Last year you won Ibiza Resident DJ of the Year at the Ibiza Clubbing Guide DJ awards, you must have felt pretty special? 
Yes, I cried and was overwhelmed to be recognised amongst such an amazing group of DJs. All the island DJs are next level.
What are the pro’s and cons of being a resident in a big club, any tips for upcoming djs looking to get on the ladder? 
If you love music then it’s a plus, however there will come a day when “paying the bills” may influence the gigs you take and place you in a position where you have to compromise your artistic integrity.
You’ve been a resident Dj in a lot of the big clubs over the years including Pacha, Nassau Beach Club, Es Vive as well as tones of guest spots, where are your favourite places to play? 
On the roof of a Sunseeker Predator 82 doing 30 knots travelling around the coast of Ibiza.
Tell us a bit about your own label Ding Records and what musical projects you have coming up? 
Ding recordings was formed as a pleasure project, some self indulgnece of sounds I like and a platform to showcase them. I have no “commercial expansion” plans for it for now its all about the music
Finally, where can we catch you between now and the Ibiza closing parties? 
You can catch me throwing down tunes (and shrimps on the barbie) at Cafe Del Mar, Lio, STK and on the magnificent luxury yachts of Smart Charter Ibiza – http://www.smartcharteribiza.com/>
Thanks for having me DMC, I have to run !!!
Thanks daZZla, happy sailing!!
‘Slow It Down’ is out now on Traxsource promo  and full release on September 19th via